Sunday, April 8, 2012

Racial Tensions in America

The arrest of two men (shortly to be charged) in connection with the Friday shootings in Oklahoma is welcome news. If it turns out that these individuals were indeed motivated by a racist agenda, in the context of the recent Trayvon Martin incident, some will suggest that racial tensions in America are increasing. I would disagree. While it is true that there have been heavily reported stories of both white and black racial extremists increasing their public activity, these groups represent marginal elements of American society. Most Americans (Republican and Democrat) care little for whether someone is black or white. The President is black and for a while during the current Republican presidential primary, the front runner was a black man (who gained most of his support from the supposedly racist tea party). Regardless, while it is likely that racists will attempt to manipulate the Oklahoma/Trayvon incidents for their own agendas, these individuals will be unable to translate their energy into any substantial political effect. Why? Because for most Americans, the racist agenda is fundamentally un-American. Put simply, images like this one will result in far more laughs than they will recruits to an extremist banner. Ultimately, people like Lloyd Austin and Muhammed Khan are the kind of individuals that attract national respect.

Racists will not be able to take America back in time. A powerfully illustrative photo below.. A white Secret Service agent reaches protectively towards the President as he greets a largely African-American crowd. America has changed for the better.

(White House Photo- Pete Souza)

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