Thursday, October 2, 2014

China Link Page

My relevant pieces on China (ignore time post - updated continually)

Trump must woo India, right now (Washington Examiner)
Discussing U.S. China relations (Fox News)
China is playing Trump on foreign policy (Washington Examiner)
Recruiting David Cameron, China strengthens its grip on U.S. allies (Washington Examiner)
Praising China, Tillerson damages U.S. interests re: North Korea (Washington Examiner)
North Korea has the ability to reach Washington with its ICBMs  (Washington Examiner)
Be grateful that the US Navy will upset China this weekend (Washington Examiner)
Trump shouldn't fall for Xi's pomp (Washington Examiner)
For China, the choice between a carrot and a stick (Washington Examiner)
Australia is a great U.S. ally (Washington Examiner)    
Tillerson is right to buddy up with India (Washington Examiner)
China wants to draw South Korea away from the US with nice deals (Washington Examiner)
The U.S. should deploy anti-ship missiles in Alaska (Washington Examiner)
President Xi promises to challenge America (Washington Examiner)
China is trying to pressure South Korea away from the U.S. (Washington Examiner)
How Trump tweets and 3 fleets help pressure North Korea (Washington Examiner)
How Trump gets China to pressure North Korea (Washington Examiner)
Trump must support India against China (Washington Examiner)
The positives and negatives of blockading North Korea (Washington Examiner)
Chinese banks and the opportunity of U.S. pressure (Washington Examiner)
North Korea's missile launch demands a U.S. response (Washington Examiner)
China is threatening U.S. military aircraft, the U.S. should respond (Washington Examiner)
The good and the bad in Trump's Sunday tweets (Washington Examiner)
How Trump should use U.S. aircraft carriers to pressure China (Washington Examiner)
Hong Kong, China, and the lie of Paris (Washington Examiner)
Countering Chinese support for Kim-jong Un (Washington Examiner editorial - I wrote)
How Trump should respond to North Korea's latest missile launch (Washington Examiner)
Trump has the right strategy on China (Washington Examiner)
What China wants in return for influencing North Korea (Washington Examiner)
Duterte, Trump, and the Preference of Realism (National Review)
Challenging China or not? (LPR Retreat)

4 Ways to Deal with China's Island Imperialism (National Review)
The Chinese Sputtering Economic Dragon (Opportunity Lives)
Realism - relevant to China - (National Review)
3 New Crises in 2016 (National Review)
US sends terrible signal in South and East China Seas (National Review)
Why China will struggle to dominate US economy (McLaughlin Group)
Why United States must check Chinese expansionism (McLaughlin Group)
China challenging US power and influence (McLaughlin Group)
China's strengths and weaknesses domestic and international (McLaughlin Group)
China Hacks the OPM (National Review)
China's Ally Russia (National Review)
On China-Pakistan relations (The McLaughlin Group)
On the AIIB and China's influence globally (The McLaughlin Group)
China's internal difficulties (The McLaughlin Group)
On Xi Jinping reacting to Hong Kong protests and future of China social stability (The McLaughlin Group)
Why China is blaming unrest on US meddling (The McLaughlin Group)
The Hong Kong Protests (National Review)
Book review of 'The Contest of the Century' (Washington Free Beacon)
China's foreign policy as an adversary to US interests (National Review)
China strategy re: superpower politics (National Review)
China in Pacific II  (National Review)
China in the Pacific I (National Review)

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