Thursday, October 2, 2014

China Link Page

My relevant pieces on China (ignore time post - updated continually)

Be realistic about what a US-China trade deal would look like
Sensing vulnerability, China turns up heat on Trump
The amazing gall of Chinese-Russian missile complaints
Hong Kong shows us to keep calm and trust in the free market
What Trump gets wrong about Xi and Hong Kong
China scores a conspiracy own goal in Hong Kong
What if China's military enters Hong Kong
Hong Kong airport seizure almost guarantees military intrusion
US Navy bows to China on Top Gun: Maverick
Trump's new China tariffs carry risks and rewards
An ominous threat to Hongkongers
Chatham House is wrong to embrace China
The president cannot show weakness on China trade
Why Beijing might soon send the military into Hong Kong
Chinese threats via Cambodia demand a new US response
China just threatened the US over Taiwan
Trump is failing Canada on China
Xi and Trump's friendship strategy
Why to expect a China trade deal by Labor Day
New acting defense secretary is bad news for China
The delusion of US-China business chief
In Chinese propaganda, echoes of the Borg Collective
Joe Biden's China shift requires his Obama policy divorce
China, Hong Kong, and the better proof of America's international order
The USS Chancellorsville incident and why Putin is sucking up to Xi
Let China complain the U.S. is right to provide new arms to Taiwan
The Financial Times sadly and madly engages with Chinese propaganda
Tariffs on China will cost Americans and Americans must suck it up
Mike Pompeo is wrong to give Israel a pass on China
Trump traps the Huawei cutout between the marketplace and reality
Trump neuters Huawei
America will pay if Trump backs down to China now
Does Max Boot know where China is?
Allies amidships, the US orchestrates a sea-based message to China
Mike Pompeo gives Britain an important message in London
Intellectual property can't be the centerpiece of US-China talks
Trump had a great 24 hours on China
Why China just threatened Australian, criticized Britain, and cut Canadian imports
China, two leaks, and why Theresa May fired her defense secretary
Xi the highwayman stalks the world on his belt road
Mind China's increasingly impressive navy
The hypocrisy of the China-Iran alliance
Britain shows how China intends to use Huawei to spy
Trump must wake up his defense secretary to give Indo-Pacific command what it needs
At Mar-A-Lago Trump is reminded that Xi Jinping is not his friend
Trump's Taiwan policy requires a delicate dance
China tries to break France from America with bribes
China's insane human rights argument
The ridiculous Harvard submission to Chinese spies
Chinese propaganda proves Xi's concern over Huawei crackdown
Xi Jinping and the lesson of Austerlitz
China propaganda shows Xi's struggles
China hides its economy weakness behind a great wall of lies
The US Navy needs to be more creative
China wouldn't stop America in Venezuela
The Royal Navy consolidates America
Trump's new China tweets are good, bad, and ugly
Xi's delicious tears over Huawei
China will welcome Trump's shutdown deal
Trump's missile defense plan is a bad idea
On ZTE Trump drinks Xi's kool aid (Washington Examiner)
Trump's tariffs will annoy China (Washington Examiner)
Xi's new world order (Washington Examiner)
Trump must woo India, right now (Washington Examiner)
Trump shouldn't fall for Xi's pomp (Washington Examiner)
Australia is a great U.S. ally (Washington Examiner)    
Countering Chinese support for Kim-jong Un (Washington Examiner editorial - I wrote)
Realism - relevant to China - (National Review)
3 New Crises in 2016 (National Review)
China Hacks the OPM (National Review)
China's Ally Russia (National Review)
On China-Pakistan relations (The McLaughlin Group)
China's internal difficulties (The McLaughlin Group)
The Hong Kong Protests (National Review)
China in Pacific II  (National Review)
China in the Pacific I (National Review)

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