Friday, August 31, 2018

Aleksandr Zakharchenko, UN impotence, Geert Wilders, Australia vs Manning

The three most likely culprits in the killing of Ukrainian separatist leader, Aleksandr Zakharchenko. Namely, Russia, other Ukrainian separatists, and Ukraine.
Facing Syria and Russia, the United Nations prepares to again evidence its impotence. The international body is rightly concerned about an upcoming slaughter but has no means of stopping it.
Geert Wilders is a bigot, but he was wrong to cancel his Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest. The enlightenment values are at stake in showdowns such as this one.
Australia was right to prevent Chelsea Manning from entering its fine territory. The traitor turned cult figure is a clown who deserves no celebrity treatment.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Qatar air base, Rudy's corruption gambit, Putin love letter, Ripon college censorship

Qatar is a poor American ally and Trump should have no part of its air base expansion. Indeed, if Qatar doesn’t stop supporting terrorism and Iran, the U.S. should move its forces out.
Rudy Giuliani laps at the well of Romanian corruption. The former New York prosecutor has betrayed his own legacy by taking money in service of Romanian kleptocracy.
Guest writer for CNN pens a love letter to Putin. The article is a great example of western useful idiocy.
Ripon College has a very pathetic rationale for banning a student group’s 9/11 poster. The college should recognize the history and harm that banning speech invokes.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Spying in Iran, Putin's pension reforms, Britain vs. France naval warfare, Trudeau's backdown

Ignore Tehran’s crowing, the west and Israel spy effectively inside Iran. Here’s how they do it and why Iran obsesses about spies.
Vladimir Putin’s pension reforms won’t fix Russia’s issues. The KGB colonel turned president doesn’t have a plan to fix the nation’s corruption, export-base, and demographic challenges.
Scallop wars aside, Britain would win a naval conflict in the English Channel. Here’s what we can learn about their near-peer conflict potential.
Why Justin Trudeau decided to dance to Trump’s NAFTA tune. Canada recognizes it can’t afford to see Trump implode the free trade arrangement.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

China's new aircraft carrier, Russia-China military exercise, FIFA corruption, Trump and Yemen suffering, DC police in Israel?

China’s new aircraft carrier is all about political prestige, not military power. The carrier would not help China win a war against the US or its allies.
It sounds odd, but you should welcome the joint Russian-Chinese military exercise in eastern Russia. It will help NATO learn about new tactics and capabilities.
The president should have read FIFA the riot act at the White House on Tuesday. The international governing body for soccer is a citadel of corruption.
Trump must call Mohammed bin Salman and ask for a Yemeni favor. He can reduce civilian suffering in Yemen and strengthen Saudi Arabia’s moral credibility.
A ban on DC police training in Israel would hurt racial, religious, and sexual minorities. The boycott movement is utterly delusional.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Chemical fake news, Sea of Azov, Meghan McCain, Bashar Assad plans new chemical attack, half staff

Russia and Syria are using preemptive fake news to insulate Assad's upcoming chemical weapons attack. It deserves Trump’s repudiation.
Why Russia is harassing Ukrainian maritime access to the Sea of Azov. It’s about degrading support for Kiev and hurting the local economy.
Meghan McCain would be a great replacement for her father. The Arizona Senate seat is now open and McCain is best suited to fill it. Why Bashar Assad is likely to use chemical weapons again in Idlib province, Syria. It’s about military tactics as well as Russian strategic interests.
The American legion is right, Trump should order U.S. flags to half-staff. Memorializing McCain offers memorial to all those who have served.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump Korea, Trump's rubicon?, Japan military, Mars and NASA, Australian politics

Trump is right to cancel Pompeo's trip to Pyongyang. A visit now would have signaled American weakness at a moment of major consequence.
Did Federal prosecutors just cross Trump’s legal rubicon? The enlisting of Trump’s CFO could be a step towards unilateral action from the White House.
Japan deserves congratulations for its first female military aviator but it must now take defense seriously in other areas. A rising China leaves no room for Japan’s relaxed attitude.
Go to Mars but also fund more research into deep space travel. NASA must balance short term objectives against high-cost, high-risk, high-value endeavors.
Here’s what’s going on in the crazy world of Australian politics. The Australian prime minister has been deposed and his party is taking a big risk.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

ISIS leader's new audiotape, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit no-deal

Why the ISIS leader’s new audiotape deserves your attention. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi likely has three motivations behind his decision to speak out.
Jeremy Corbyn’s war on press freedom. The British socialist party leader wants to tax technology companies in order to subsidize socialist media outlets.
We’re learning about Britain’s worst case scenario for Brexit. The government has released documents that explain how the U.K. will cope with a “no-deal” Brexit next year.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Russia abandoning Iran, Chuck China out of the WTO, Mad Maduro

Why Russia is slowly abandoning Iran in Syria. Vladimir Putin now lacks good reason to support the Islamic revolutionary republic.

Yes, move to chuck China out of the WTO. Beijing has utterly refused to abide by even the most basic WTO norms. The time is ripe to punish China for its activity.

Mad Maduro takes Venezuela full Alice in Wonderland. The president has endorsed currency craziness in an effort to salvage his imploding nation.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Manafort pardon, Corporate tax cut, Clean Power Plan, Russia antics

Why President Trump will probably pardon Paul Manafort one year from now. The president is likely to pardon his loyal follower but only when Mueller's investigation is concluded.

Cut the corporate tax rate to 5 percent. That element of the tax reform package has boosted jobs, investment, and R+D.

Celebrate the demise of the Clean Power Plan. The Obama administration diktat was undemocratic and damaged many household bank accounts without justification.

Russia is attacking US interests again via cyber-offensives. The Trump administration must counterpunch in order to build deterrent credibility.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Uighurs and China's grand strategy, Austria-Russia, Greece future, Bernie Sanders deceptions

China’s treatment of the Uighurs unveils the immorality of Xi’s global strategy. The  feudal president has no regard for human rights or international cooperation.
The US must challenge Austria’s increasing submission of western security to Russia. Austria’s intelligence service is under particular Russian-motivated pressure. Greece’s completed bailout doesn’t mean an end to suffering. The trend lines do not look positive for the Mediterranean nation’s economic future.
On Medicare for all (M4A), Bernie Sanders nukes reality. The Senator from Vermont is disingenuous in what he claims M4A would cost and entail in service.

Friday, August 17, 2018

New SRAP for Syria, WW1 and America First, ISIS infiltration of west, Trump armistice

Meet Jim Jeffrey: the right pick for America’s new man in Syria. The former U.S. ambassador to Iraq has the experience and tenacity to help end the Syrian Civil War effectively.
What the First World War taught us about “America First” philosophy. The balance between supranationalism and mutual interest alliances is critical.
ISIS has again infiltrated the west. Here’s how we know, and what it means for various nations in Europe. And for the United States.
Trump is absolutely right to attend the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War. It is a fitting tribute to those who suffered in that awful war.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

John Brennan's grave omission, Angela Rye and American debating, Russia's new satellite, Saudi funding for Syria stabilization

The pathetic omission in John Brennan’s NYT article. The former CIA director takes no responsibility for the Obama administration’s failure to counter Russian attacks.
American greatness and Angela Rye’s not-so-great debating style. The CNN contributor chooses emotion over the exchange of ideas. It’s sad and unworthy of America.
Don’t freak out about Russia’s secret new satellite. While the Russians are challenging U.S. power in space, the U.S. can dominate Russia’s threat. What’s more interesting here is what Putin’s satellites tell us about Putin’s strategy.
Saudi Arabia is likely to provide stabilization funding to U.S. allies/neutrals in Syria. Here’s why that’s a good thing for U.S. security and Trump administration strategy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

John Brennan's clearance, Bernie's economic charlatan, Bolton meets Russians, Sangin and Afghanistan

Why Trump is wrong to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. The former CIA director makes some silly comments, but the nation is served by his retained clearance.
Bernie Sanders, economic morality charlatan. The socialist Democrat loves righteous indignation but rational economic thought? Not so much.
John Bolton is the right person to be sent to meet Putin’s team in Geneva. The national security advisor is well-versed on Russian strategy and game playing.
Sangin: Don’t forget that the nation remains at war in Afghanistan. The recent loss of another serviceman in southern Afghanistan speaks to the story of Sangin.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

London attack, Apple values, Corbyn terror, Korea summit

Takeaways from today's terrorist attack in London. The British emergency service response was up to the challenge of a continuing terrorist threat.

Apple's human rights commitment runs thin. The Tech giant might be a great company, but it isn't the value-based puritan it claims.

Sorry, Jeremy Corbyn, Israel was right to kill the Black September terrorists. The British Labour Party leader has again evidenced his deep sympathy - and stupidity - in relation to Palestinian terrorism.

Now is the wrong time for a new South Korea-North Korea summit. President Trump should make clear to Seoul that he disagrees with the September meeting.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump leadership, Netanyahu vs. Corbyn, US and Romania, Antifa idiots

Trump misses the leadership mark in his Omarosa tweets. The president strongly implied that the first priority for his staff is that they be willing to stroke his ego.

Benjamin Netanyahu is right to nuke Jeremy Corbyn. The British labour leader deserves public confrontation for his views on Israel and Palestinian terrorism.

The US should pressure the Romanian government to crack down on corruption and offer opportunity to their citizens. The current situation is intolerable.

Antifa somehow manages to make neo-Nazis look comparatively better. What a sad group of people to gather in the nation's capital.