Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mullah Omar's Death - BBC Interview

Speaking to BBC Radio on death of Mullah Omar 
(interview last night prior to Taliban confirmation)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Turkey No-Fly Zone?

Regarding reports that the US and Turkey have agreed to establish a no-fly zone in northern Syria, see my take @NRO from last December: Yes to a Syrian Safe Harbor and my March comments on The McLaughlin Group on why US policy must seek Bashar al-Assad's removal from power. Also relevant, my anti-ISIS strategy essay)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

National Review - Links to All Articles

Links list for my National Review articles. In chronological order (most recent pieces at the end!). I'll update this list with new pieces as and when they're published (ignore date code). This list allows people to review my National Review portfolio without traversing the various pages of my NRO Profile (which is found here).

For 2014, Globe In Partes Tres (my predictions here have come true.*)
Donald Trump and Jeremy Corby Think They're Peter Pans. They're Actually Captain Hooks
5 Destinations for Iran's Nuclear Bonanza
The Inexcusable Release of Jonathan Pollard
MH-17 and the Downing of American Leadership
How America can exploit frictions inside the Taliban
Donald Trump's Plan for American Foreign Policy: Vulture-war
Why Truman was right to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki
How and Why Iran Will Cheat on the Nuclear Deal
Russia and Iran will Bury Syria
How to respond to North Korea's latest threats
Egypt, Freedom and the Costs of Lost American Influence
Iran and Russia can be deterred in Syria
Jeremy Corbyn Would Destroy The US UK Special Relationship
The American Left and Hypocrisy Towards Muslims
Rubio's Foreign Policy Strength vs. Fiorina
President Obama's 'Goldfinger' Strategy vs. Syria
President Obama's Diplomatic Delusions
Russia's Strategy in Syria
How the US should respond to Russia
Saudis Landmines
Obama's New Afghanistan Strategy
Iran: Obama's Ballistic Delusion
The State of the Islamic State
Jimmy Carter Endorses Putin's Syria Scheme
ISIS and President Obama's Authority as Commander-in-Chief
Why it appears likely the Russian airliner was blown up
Obama vs. Netanyahu
Killing Jihadi John
The Debate is Over. Islamic State Poses a Special Threat to the West
Obama's Fecklessness Pushes Europe Towards Putin
The Fraying Public Bonds of Europe
Turkey Downs a Russian Jet - What Happens Next
The Approaching Showdown Between Iran and the US in Iraq
London Terror Attack - What it says about UK terror threat
We should be proud of  allowing Trump's clownery
Saudi Alliance is Challenge to Obama Administration
Absurd US policy in the South China Sea
3 Takeaways (Strategic) from the Battle for Ramadi
Obama's Foreign Policy Pave the Way for 3 New Serious Crises in 2016 (2/3 predictions have come true as of May)
Saud vs. Iran, and President Obama's Middle East Failure
Syria's Starvation
ISIS Istanbul Attack
ISIS Jakarta Attack
Obama, Iran, and the Kidnapping of Realism
ISIS Strategy in Syria - Sectarian Wildfire
NATO Strategy and the Limits of Money
How to Save the World: Realism
Putin's Slaughter Strategy
ISIS Libya Threat
ISIS Under-Estimated Chemical Weapons Threat
The Political Importance of the Battle for Mosul
How the ISIS List Will Help Allied Intelligence
Putin's Syria Gambit
Brussels Attack
Britain's 3 Part Strategy to Prevent ISIS Attacks
4 Reasons for Retaking Raqqa
Panama Papers Vindicate the NSA
Putin's Pen vs. Obama's Gun
Why and How America Must Restore Influence with Saudi Arabia
Why Obama's Iraq Policy is Collapsing
Israel 4 Challenges
3 Observations on Evolving Daesh Strategy
4 Ways - Absent War - to Stop China's Imperial Island Campaign
How the Hiroshima Visit Epitomizes President Obama's Failed Foreign Policy
Donald Trump's Love Relationship with US Enemies
5 Takeways from the Dusseldorf Plot
India, America, and the Opportunity of a Century
Orlando and Losers Who Become Terrorists
How Obama Must Respond to Brexit
How Brexit Opponents are Conspiring Against Brexit
Obama's Afghanistan Decision Versus Bush's Iraq Surge
Why Turkey is Kneeling to Syria
Nice Terrorist Attack Aftermath
Turkish Coup: Erdogan's Victory and Why America Must Check Him
Daesh Total War Strategy
Russia's Rising Empire
John McLaughlin: Behind the Scenes
3 Reasons Russia is Escalating Against the US in Syria
Why Abu Mohammed al-Adnani's Death is a U.S. Strategic Victory
Why - and How - the U.S. Navy Must Send a Message to Iran
Putin's Cease-Fire: A Trojan Horse
Why Putin Bombed the Syrian Aid Convoy
Putin is Shaping Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy in the Ruins of Aleppo
Is Daesh Near Defeat?
3 Ways the U.S. Can Save Syria
Why the U.S. Role in Mosul is so Crucial
In Lebanon, U.S. Allies are in Trouble
Britain's Judiciary Conspires Against Brexit
What to Expect from the Operation to Retake Raqqah
Who Donald Trump Should Appoint to his National Security Team
How Trump Should Reform NATO
Why Mike Flynn is a Poor Choice for National Security Advisor
Why Putin is Finishing Aleppo Now
Why U.S. Enemies are Scared of James Mattis
5 Things to Expect After Aleppo Falls
The Problems with President Obama's Saudi Policy
3 Reasons Germany is in Daesh's Reticle
Why and how Trump must get tough on Erdogan
4 Nuclear Posture Reforms for Trump
Why the Slow-Speed of Operations in Mosul is Harming U.S. Strategic Interests
How Trump Should Deal with Putin
Assessing Trump's Foreign Policy as outlined in his Inaugural Address
Trump should expect 3 foreign challenges in the weeks ahead
5 Lessons from the Trump-May Meet
Trump's Ban is a Maginot Line for Terrorists
What Putin is up to in Ukraine (it's the highways)
A Deep Dive with Professor Eliot Cohen
3 Ways McMaster can strengthen and reform the NSC
What Mattis' Plan to Defeat Daesh Should Look Like
Why the Wikileaks CIA Leaks Endanger U.S. Alliances
5 Ways Trump Should Leverage U.S. Ground Forces in Syria
The Airliner Alert, and Why Jihadists are Fetishists for Passenger Jets
3 Questions for Britain
Mosul, Strategy, and the Lesson of Fallujah
Facing Assad's Gas, Trump Has 3 Good Options
How Trump is pressuring China and North Korea with the Carl Vinson CSG
Conservatives should support Macron, not Le Pen
Duterte, Trump, and the Preference of Realism
The Conundrum of Arming the Kurds
Interview with the French Ambassador to the United States
Turkey's Secret Service, and how the U.S. should respond to the Embassy incident
3 Questions from Manchester
Jeremy Corbyn's pathetic response to the Manchester terrorist attack
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*This piece received the BBC's global must read of the day recommendation


Just wanted to post a couple of links with renewed relevance.

First, my January comments on The McLaughlin Group concerning the difficulty of preventing al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula inspired lone wolf attacks. Newly relevant because CNN is now reporting that the Chattanooga shooter was inspired by Anwar al-Awlaki. Incidentally, this kind of impact explains why the drone strike on Awlaki was justified. Inspiration = strategic effect in the world of terrorism. My thoughts on drones can be found here, here and here.

Second, my two articles - on Edward Snowden - and on ISIS/Islamic State - from last year, in which I outlined the ways in which the Islamic State had learned from Snowden. Relevant because the New York Times reported that same assessment yesterday.