Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Inexcusable Release of Jonathan Pollard

My latest @ National Review: The Inexcusable Release of Jonathan Pollard
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  1. Mr. Rogan, Is the interjection of the description of the horrific death of Mr. Buckley in a piece about the inappropriateness of Pollard's release an effort to link the two events, that is, to state that Mr. Pollard's treason was the proximate cause of Mr. Buckley's death? I had always thought that no one died because of Mr. Pollard's treason, whereas numerous agents had died because of the treason of Mr. Ames and Mr. Hanson, both of whom are still in prison, I believe. Would you please clarify? I'm not saying that he should be freed, simply that I thought his spying did not compromise other agents.