Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sadiq Khan, the Philippines, D-Day, Fox News hits


Just wanted to write a quick note on one of the heroes of D-Day.

Juan Pujol Garcia. 

Codenamed Garbo, under British instructions, Garcia spent the buildup to D-Day deceiving the German high command as to where allied forces would land. Then, as allied airborne forces landed in the early hours of June 6th, Garbo made his masterstroke. He informed his German handlers that D-Day was indeed underway. At this point it was too late for the Germans to react, but the British knew that Garbo's cable would greatly increase his credibility in Berlin.
It worked. 

Over the next two months, as allied forces struggled to break out from Normandy, Garbo fed Germany reports suggesting that General Patton was amassing his forces in southern England. Patton would, Garbo implied, soon lead a second invasion east of Normandy. In response, Hitler held divisions in reserve, preventing them from being used to reinforce the Normandy front. This dispersal of Nazi forces helped facilitate the eventual allied breakout from Normandy in late July. Then began the race across France. 

The race to victory.
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