Monday, December 17, 2018

Israel-China relations, Russia Caribbean base, Jeremy Corbyn, Major Golsteyn, Hezbollah UN

Israel is being a bad ally to the US on China. The Israeli government must reconsider its close relationship with Beijing. If not, the US must respond.

Russia will struggle to use its Caribbean bomber base to target America. Russia lacks the money to afford that base an effective strike option against America.

Jeremy Corbyn again nukes his own leadership credibility. The Labour Party leader has issued a fake no confidence motion in parliament. Here’s what’s going on.

Trump should wait for Matthew Golsteyn’s trial to be completed. Then, based on what we know of his life, he should pardon him.

On Hezbollah tunnels, the UN is about to prove its own ignorance. The UN has proven Lebanese Hezbollah’s breach of a security council resolution. But it won’t matter.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Aircraft carrier strategy, ukraine corruption, brexit latest, terrorism debate

How to fix America’s broken aircraft carrier strategy: the U.S. retains a strategy that is weak, defective in face of top adversaries, and unchanging.

The west must crackdown on Petro Poroshenko’s failure to address corruption. The Ukrainian president has had too long to get a grip on this issue.

Why the European Union has no interest in helping Theresa May. The political bloc wants to send a message to other prospective exiters.

An Oxford Union debate illuminates the truths and tropes of terrorism. A number of different speakers gave voice to a number of interesting views.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Belarus rage, China detentions, Strasbourg terrorist

In Belarus’ energy rage towards Putin, America’s opportunity. The Russians are price gouging their neighbors. We should step in with U.S. LNG.

Increase pressure on China in response to its detention of two Canadians. The Chinese must not be allowed to think that they can set the initiative here.

Why it’s now very likely the Strasbourg terrorist had help. His failure to be caught is concerning. (written before he was killed!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Turkey in Syria, Strasbourg attack, ISIS ideology, Arpaio lawsuit, Asylum extortion

Turkey is threatening U.S. forces in Syria. Here’s how the U.S. should respond.

3 reasons the Strasbourg attack is a bigger deal than you think. The attack carried alarming signatures related to ISIS.

ISIS spends most of its time killing Muslims. ISIS mass graves speak volumes about the group’s ideology.

Why Larry Klayman and Joe Arpaio will lose their lawsuit against media companies. Their case lacks an understanding of U.S. defamation law.

Asylum seekers demanding $50,000 in return for not seeking asylum are not asylum seekers. They deserve no grant of passage for bribes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Oval Office photo, Theresa May confidence vote, Russian bombers in Venezuela, Qatar World Cup

The chaos of 2018 American politics as summed up by one photo. Today’s Oval Office meeting was a recipe for photographic excellence.

Theresa May faces a confidence vote. But she’ll probably survive. Here’s why.

Ignore or intercept: how to deal with Russia’s TU-160 deployment to Venezuela. America’s response should be driven by perceived threat, not anger.

No, Congress should not endorse Qatar’s crazy world cup bid. The soccer tournament has been built with slave labor and was almost certainly bought with corruption.

Monday, December 10, 2018

China/Russia realism, Macron vs Thatcher, Bolsonaro vs. Maduro, John Kelly, Theresa May, Heather Nauert, Pearl Harbor

China, Russia, and the greater morality of American realism. The contrast of balanced human interests is striking.

France needs a Margaret Thatcher, not a weak Emmanuel Macron. Facing the same challenge as Thatcher, the french president chooses the opposite response.

Jair Bolsonaro and Colombia’s president intend to crackdown on Venezuela: both nations have vested interests in seeing Maduro weakened.

John Kelly: uniquely worthy of the nation’s gratitude. His is a life in service.

Why Theresa May has delayed her Brexit vote: she needs to earn more support.

Heather Nauert is ready to be Ambassador to the U.N. She gets Russia's games.

Pearl Harbor and the “silly people” of Imperial Japan. The attack was absurd.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

MI6 Russia, North Korea, Huawei arrest, DGSI rioters

Taking on ISIS and Russia: decoding new comments from the head of Britain’s MI6. Alex Younger spoke of preventing terrorist attacks and disrupting Russian aggression.

North Korea is still developing nuclear warheads but that doesn’t mean Trump’s diplomacy is failing. The belief is that Kim Jong Un hasn’t yet made up his mind about whether to disarm.

The Huawei arrest is a glorious rebuke to Xi. China must understand that acting aggressively against America carries costs.

Rioters in France should fear the DGSI. France’s domestic intelligence service has the tools of identifying those who would break social peace.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bush funeral, Spain Gibraltar, NATO INF

George H.W. Bush’s funeral: one for the ages. The funeral was a celebration of a life lived in service and humor, and a nation of great meaning.

The US should summon Spain’s ambassador over that nation’s harassment of Gibraltar. Spain needs to recognize it has earned American ire and negative attention.

NATO unifies against Russia’s INF breach. The Russian decision to develop and deploy its INF breaching ballistic missile has met a worthy NATO collective response.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

China truce, Israel Hezbollah, India China, Pompeo multilateralism, Texas GOP

Why the US-China truce must not last. China’s interests and conception of American resolve mean that it will not play by a new set of mutually beneficial rules. At least not yet.

Israel’s necessary but complex operation to hit Lebanese Hezbollah’s tunnels. The Israelis face significant challenges in their new security operation.

India is now confronting China in the Indian Ocean. Here’s why that’s good news for America, India, and the international order we share.

Mike Pompeo mutilates the metastasis of moribund multilateralism. Alliances must be more than talking shops of absent responsibility.

Praise Texas Republicans for rebuking a bigoted moron. The effort to remove a Muslim party vice chairman needed to be defeated.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Iran missile, yellow jackets, Russia Syria

Why Iran’s latest missile test is such a big deal. It speaks to Iranian nuclear strike interests, internal Iranian political tensions, and the growing possibility of new E.U. and U.S. sanctions.

Dear conservatives, the French yellow jacket protesters are not our friends. Here’s why Macron must break them.

Expect Russia to escalate in Syria soon. Putin is growing very frustrated with the U.S.

Friday, November 30, 2018

NATO air, Elizabeth Warren

The American, British, and French air forces just simulated strikes against Russian forces. NATO interoperability training aims to resist Russia’s blitzkrieg strategy.

Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy vision has about as much value as Warren has Native American blood. The senator’s speech to American University was a joke.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Macron-Merkel, Israel myths, Putin meeting, Heather Nauert

Macron and Merkel, no saviors of the west bend before Putin. The two leaders have shown the vacuous nature of their claims to be defenders of liberal order.

The 5 biggest myths in Marc Lamont Hill’s anti-Israel speech. He doesn’t seem to know either the history or the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Why Trump deserves credit for canceling his Putin meeting. And why the Russians will take particular offense at his decision.

Heather Nauert is still in the running for the UN job. A senior administration official tells me that reports to the contrary are wrong.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Yemen war, Bolton recording, Churchill mopeds, Paris accord

Ending US support for the Saudi war in Yemen is a bad way to help Yemeni civilians. It will achieve the opposite effect: increasing their suffering.

John Bolton is right that there is no value in his listening to the Khashoggi audiotape. The CIA analysis would have been far more beneficial than even a native Arabic translator would offer.

Britain’s Churchillian new tactic for dealing with moped criminals. The cops are knocking the criminals off their bikes. It’s both moral and legal.

Even the EU is treating the Paris climate accord as a joke. The UN has just shown that the political bloc is failing to meet its carbon reduction targets.