Monday, December 31, 2018

Borg China, Elizabeth Warren, 5 threats

A real Borg collective: Xi Jinping’s threat to the U.S.-led international order. The Chinese leader is bold in ambition and utterly immoral in means and action.
Elizabeth Warren’s nomination for president would likely secure Trump’s reelection. The Senator is unoriginal, uninspiring, and politically unappealing.
The 5 greatest threats to national security in 2019. From terrorists to China, the U.S. will face a complex but manageable security environment.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Trump's test, German military, ISIS propaganda, Bashar's victory

In Syria, Trump’s version of Obama’s red-line moment. The president is confronted with a looming attack on a Kurdish-held city.

A European recruitment drive won’t fix Germany’s broken military. The German armed forces need much more equipment. And much greater investment.

Why ISIS is making mad max style propaganda videos. It’s all about giving comfort to the minds of supporters, amid territorial losses.

Why America’s Sunni-Arab allies have endorsed Bashar Assad. They seek influence amid depleting American credibility. It’s a bargain with the devil.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

MBS vs. Adel, Warmbier vs. Realism, China Fishing, Missile tests, ISIS evil

Anger, control, Russia: why Mohammed bin Salman just demoted his foreign minister. The Saudi leader wants to send messages and consolidate power.
Sorry, Otto Warmbier doesn’t matter enough to derail the North Korean peace process. The equation of one innocent and a major conflict is not a complex one.
Why China’s fishing habits are  a much bigger problem than Japan’s. The fishing question of ecological protection is one of scale and variety. and two previously unlinked pieces from Christmas Eve... Get ready for a new North Korean missile test. Kim Jong Un is signaling his interest in a new test designed to pressure the US to make concessions. The Salafi-Jihadist evil. In Morocco, the nature of ISIS has again been exposed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Iraq visit, Putin's hypersonic, Home Alone

Three specific reasons Trump’s Iraq visit is so important. It’s about the fight against ISIS, command leadership, and Iraqi political relationships.

What Putin’s hypersonic weapon system means (and does not mean) for America. Russia is flexing muscles but lacks an overmatch capability in nuclear warfare.

3 Home Alone elements that might not make their way into a 2018 movie. The problem here is political correctness and chilling of artistic creativity.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Mattis NATO, China sanctions, Far-right, Replacing Mattis

NATO should select Jim Mattis as its next secretary general. There is no one on Earth more experienced, qualified, and committed to lead the alliance.

Sanction these Chinese officials over Canadian detentions. Beijing needs to realize that its escalatory games will carry outsize costs.

No, Britain does not have a far-right extremism problem. There are far-right groups, but the terrorist threat is defined by Islamic extremist and Irish extremist groups.

3 good replacements for Jim Mattis. Trump needs a defense secretary who is honest, courageous, experienced, and well-informed. These individuals fit the bill.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jim Mattis, Iraq withdrawal, ISIS fight

Jim Mattis’ resignation is a terrible loss to the nation. The secretary of defense was a strategic master of stable courage. He will be missed by America and our allies.

The press is right to criticize Trump’s Syria withdrawal. But where were they on Obama’s Iraq withdrawal? The 2011 withdrawal was a disaster of epic proportions.

When the history of the fight against ISIS is written, it will tell of great special operations. A story of immense intellect and courage against the enemy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Syria withdrawal, Russia UN, Intelligence UN, Jeremy Corbyn

Trump, Syria, and a ludicrous holiday gift to America’s enemies. The president’s decision to withdraw from Syria is a terrible one.

Russia’s game: at the UN, Russia operates as a quasi-espionage, quasi-obstruction outfit. Nikki Haley explained things to me on Tuesday.

Nikki Haley: intelligence community very important to my work. In an interview with me, Haley explained why the U.S.-IC is so important to her effective work.

Stupid: Jeremy Corbyn nukes himself on parliamentary form. The British Labour leader appears to be a buffoon of many different parts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nikki Haley interview, Michael Flynn's bad day, North Korea and Government Shutdowns! Meghan Markle security

Nikki Haley: Mohammed bin Salman “has to lose” his “thuggish nature.” The US Ambassador to the UN was interviewed by the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

Why Tuesday was a bad day for Michael Flynn and perhaps a good day for Donald Trump. The judge didn’t seem to think Flynn can justify a no-prison sentence.

Government shutdowns, North Korea, and the issue of presidential credibility. The president should not make threats that he does not intend to fulfill.

Why Duchess Meghan has so much security. The wife of Prince Harry is a high-priority protectee for the British government.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Israel-China relations, Russia Caribbean base, Jeremy Corbyn, Major Golsteyn, Hezbollah UN

Israel is being a bad ally to the US on China. The Israeli government must reconsider its close relationship with Beijing. If not, the US must respond.

Russia will struggle to use its Caribbean bomber base to target America. Russia lacks the money to afford that base an effective strike option against America.

Jeremy Corbyn again nukes his own leadership credibility. The Labour Party leader has issued a fake no confidence motion in parliament. Here’s what’s going on.

Trump should wait for Matthew Golsteyn’s trial to be completed. Then, based on what we know of his life, he should pardon him.

On Hezbollah tunnels, the UN is about to prove its own ignorance. The UN has proven Lebanese Hezbollah’s breach of a security council resolution. But it won’t matter.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Aircraft carrier strategy, ukraine corruption, brexit latest, terrorism debate

How to fix America’s broken aircraft carrier strategy: the U.S. retains a strategy that is weak, defective in face of top adversaries, and unchanging.

The west must crackdown on Petro Poroshenko’s failure to address corruption. The Ukrainian president has had too long to get a grip on this issue.

Why the European Union has no interest in helping Theresa May. The political bloc wants to send a message to other prospective exiters.

An Oxford Union debate illuminates the truths and tropes of terrorism. A number of different speakers gave voice to a number of interesting views.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Belarus rage, China detentions, Strasbourg terrorist

In Belarus’ energy rage towards Putin, America’s opportunity. The Russians are price gouging their neighbors. We should step in with U.S. LNG.

Increase pressure on China in response to its detention of two Canadians. The Chinese must not be allowed to think that they can set the initiative here.

Why it’s now very likely the Strasbourg terrorist had help. His failure to be caught is concerning. (written before he was killed!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Turkey in Syria, Strasbourg attack, ISIS ideology, Arpaio lawsuit, Asylum extortion

Turkey is threatening U.S. forces in Syria. Here’s how the U.S. should respond.

3 reasons the Strasbourg attack is a bigger deal than you think. The attack carried alarming signatures related to ISIS.

ISIS spends most of its time killing Muslims. ISIS mass graves speak volumes about the group’s ideology.

Why Larry Klayman and Joe Arpaio will lose their lawsuit against media companies. Their case lacks an understanding of U.S. defamation law.

Asylum seekers demanding $50,000 in return for not seeking asylum are not asylum seekers. They deserve no grant of passage for bribes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Oval Office photo, Theresa May confidence vote, Russian bombers in Venezuela, Qatar World Cup

The chaos of 2018 American politics as summed up by one photo. Today’s Oval Office meeting was a recipe for photographic excellence.

Theresa May faces a confidence vote. But she’ll probably survive. Here’s why.

Ignore or intercept: how to deal with Russia’s TU-160 deployment to Venezuela. America’s response should be driven by perceived threat, not anger.

No, Congress should not endorse Qatar’s crazy world cup bid. The soccer tournament has been built with slave labor and was almost certainly bought with corruption.