Thursday, December 27, 2018

MBS vs. Adel, Warmbier vs. Realism, China Fishing, Missile tests, ISIS evil

Anger, control, Russia: why Mohammed bin Salman just demoted his foreign minister. The Saudi leader wants to send messages and consolidate power.
Sorry, Otto Warmbier doesn’t matter enough to derail the North Korean peace process. The equation of one innocent and a major conflict is not a complex one.
Why China’s fishing habits are  a much bigger problem than Japan’s. The fishing question of ecological protection is one of scale and variety. and two previously unlinked pieces from Christmas Eve... Get ready for a new North Korean missile test. Kim Jong Un is signaling his interest in a new test designed to pressure the US to make concessions. The Salafi-Jihadist evil. In Morocco, the nature of ISIS has again been exposed.

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