Monday, October 19, 2015

Nuclear Deal

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M-5 Highway

From yesterday at Wall Street Journal: ''The regime appears to be advancing westward toward the strategic highway linking Aleppo with the capital Damascus, rebels said.''

From October 15th at BBC''Mr. Talawy said the government was seeking to open the motorway between Homs and Hama, to the north.''

From MY October 1st at National Review: ''Russia’s targeting suggests it is engaged in shaping operations to prepare for a ground offensive. Combining this with the scale of the Russian deployments in Syria, I would predict that in the days ahead, Russian/Assad-regime/Iranian/aligned axis forces will launch a significant northern offensive into Idlib province, perhaps to secure rebel-held areas of the M-5 highway that connects Homs with the northern city of Aleppo.''

In case interested I explained my argument further on Fox News.

MY POINT... How did I predict that the M-5 highway was a key Axis target? Not by some magical knowledge or secret source or escapade into Syria, but by simple research online - most specifically, looking on google maps. This is basic War Studies - follow the lines of communication... And if I could figure this out two weeks ago, what is the Obama Administration doing? This Administration is exceptionally clueless on Syria. And for that matter, the politics of the broader Middle East. Rant over.
The M-5 Highway

Friday, October 9, 2015