Thursday, February 28, 2019

Why Trump walked away, 3 reasons not to freakout over NK statement, Bibi's bad week, stupid tweets, Where's Hamas?

The real reason Trump walked away from Kim Jong Un. The president is rightly focing the North Korean leader to choose between dealmaking and gameplaying.

3 reasons not to worry about North Korea’s post-Hanoi freakout. The regime wants to jockey for the strategic initiative going forwards, that’s all.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu is having a very bad week: Indictments and bad allies.

Sen. Jeff Merkley’s stupid tweet comparing Trump and Kim Jong Un. It’s partisan hackery of the lowest order.

Where’s Hamas? The astonishing absence of Hamas culpability in a new report on Gaza violence. It shows the UN’s amazing bias.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

India v Pakistan, Cuba's oil, Corbyn antisemitism, Chinese propaganda, Useful idiocy, Merkley's tweet

Why escalated India-Pakistan tensions are the new normal. Neither side has much reason to want improved relations with the other.

How to end Nicolas Maduro’s stranglehold over Venezuela by restricting his oil supplies to Cuba. It’s all about cutting off the regime’s security enablers.

Jeremy Corbyn again fails to take on antisemitism. The British politician is utterly incapable of recognizing political immorality.

In a Chinese propaganda article: the inadvertent expression of Xi Jinping’s vulnerability. The Chinese leader is caught between his domestic repression and foreign aggression.

Autopsy of useful idiocy. How useful idiocy is spread by false history, anti-Americanism, and careful articulation.

Trump Mid-East peace plan, North Korea deal?, India and Pakistan war, Jim Acosta

Trump's Middle East peace plan now depends on Benjamin Netanyahu losing power. The Israeli prime minister's new coalition is absolutely opposed to any concessionary peace deal.

A new art of the deal to end the North Korean nuclear crisis. The key is to match Kim Jong Un's regime protection concern with U.S. alleviated concerns on nuclear weapons.

Why India and Pakistan are edging closer to war. Both sides hate each other and want to prove it.

Jim Acosta tells Oxford University that Fox News is becoming state TV. His is a significant ego.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Javad Zarif resignation, Microsoft anti-military letter, Russian nuclear stupidity, Obama's racial comments, Venezuela

Why Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif may have resigned. The jockeying power players in Tehran, and anger over the nuclear accord are key points.

A pathetic anti-military letter signed by 50 Microsoft staffers deserves repudiation. There is no moral outrage in supporting America’s military.

Russian nuclear threats, and how I learned to love Dmitry Kiselyov’s stupidity. The ultranationalist TV host makes a fool out of himself attempting to threaten America.

Personal responsibility is not racist, and Barack Obama is no race traitor for endorsing it. Arguments to the contrary are sad and silly.

Sanction Venezuelan military commanders at the Brazilian and Colombian borders. The US must make clear that costs will follow those who follow Maduro.

Friday, February 22, 2019

IMF Pakistan, Trump keeps 400 troops Syria, Portland JTTF

Time to cut IMF aid to Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has consistently refused to address its sick relationship with terrorists. Remedial action is necessary.

Russia, Iran, and Bashar Assad will be furious with the U.S. decision to retain 400 troops in Syria. They know it limits their interests in significant ways.

Even the mad hatter wouldn’t remove Portland police from the city’s JTTF. The council’s decision to do so is an act of stunning idiocy.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Putin's new nuke threats, Israeli election, Jessie Smollett and police resources, Sanders Venezuela

The 3 exaggerations in Putin’s new nuclear threats. Russia does not retain the dominance that Putin asserts.

Why Israel’s election just became the most exciting for many years. The coalition wars are building and the stakes are growing.

Jessie Smollett’s lies have almost certainly cost at least 90 victims the better chance of justice. Here’s why.

On Venezuela, Bernie Sanders proves socialism’s choking immorality. Faced with an opportunity to condemn Maduro, the socialist senator prevaricates.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Roger Waters moronic video, killer robots are A-OK, AOC history isn't great, George Galloway

Roger Waters: a prophet for moral injustice. The Pink Lloyd founder wants to stop an aid concert for Venezuela. He deserves absolute repudiation for his record of anti-humanitarian activities.

Why we need killer robots. The lesson of war and history is to maximize means of efficient victory and avoidance of human suffering.

AOC needs to read more history books. The congresswoman makes a terrible error by comparing Trump’s border wall to the Berlin Wall.

George Galloway’s wacko Nazi excuse for why the Labour Party doesn’t have an antisemitism problem. Hint: it really, really does.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

US Navy - Black Sea, Harry banter, Elizabeth Warren

Why the new US Navy deployment to the Black Sea is so interesting. The authorizing admiral is matching this deployment with an effort to agitate Russia.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the nature of British military banter. The Royal Marines just gave an exercise in fine banter form.

Elizabeth Warren: making fiscal black holes great again. The senator is promising tens of trillions in new spending but has no plan to pay for it.

Friday, February 15, 2019

India attack in election context, China's wall of economic lies, Iran's leaders aren't nice, Cold War interventions

Elections and fury: why India is likely to retaliate aggressively to the JeM terrorist attack. The Indian government is caught between anger and nuclear escalation.

China hides its economic crisis behind a great wall of lies. Xi is a propagandizing authoritarian who is trying to paint a false picture of economic security.

Don’t defend Iran’s leaders, you’ll look stupid. The Iranian government is a big problem in the Middle East. To say otherwise is to be delusional.

What Vox’s Matthew Ygelsias gets wrong about the Cold War. Yes, conservatives were right to pursue interventionism against the margins of Soviet power.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

India attack, national emergency, Amazon withdrawal, Winston Churchill, podcast

India attack: America should take China to task at the UN. China is sheltering Pakistani terrorists.

Why, in 100 words, Trump is wrong to declare a national emergency. It's about good government.

In Amazon's withdrawal from New York City, AOC delivers her socialist whirlwind.

The intellectual villainy of calling Winston Churchill a villain. History proves abundantly that the opposite descriptor is accurate.

Latest podcast with my father - discussing Amazon relocation, Churchill, and China

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

US Navy/Marines near Venezuela, US Navy utility of force, Troops to Venezuela?, Russia's internet insulation

A significant US Navy and Marine Corps presence is quietly building in waters near Venezuela. It suggests Trump may send a MEU to Colombia.

The US Navy doesn't need a lot more ships, it needs to better use what it has. And procure more of what it needs/less of what makes it vulnerable. This isn't complicated.

Why Trump is likely to announce he's sending troops to the Venezuelan border. It's all about Guaido's February 23rd aid convoy pledge.

Russia's internet insulation isn't about cyber-defense so much as it is scaring Europe. The Russians know they can't insulate against US cyber-strike capabilities.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Royal Navy, Venezuela, Clothing

Britain's new naval plan intends to support U.S. leadership and increase the Royal Navy's lethality. It's about groups that can insulate allied fleets from air attack.

Why Tuesday will be a big day for Venezuela's future. The aid convoy effort is stepping up a gear.

Journalists have no business telling stores what clothes to sell. The pathetic outrage over "fake news" t-shirts evidences a journalistic triumph of ego and ignorance over morality and duty.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Paris mayor vs. Airbnb, Illah Omar idiocy, hospital ships, podcast

Paris mayor turns up her noses at tourists. By trying to weaken Airbnb in the French capital, the mayor shows the worst impulses of socialism.

Congresswoman Illhan Omar offers a non apology apology. Is she an antisemite?

How to save Venezuelans and undercut Maduro's propaganda: send a hospital ship. The US navy vessels have the means to save many lives.

Rogan and Rogan: episode 4

Friday, February 8, 2019

Candace Owens history, Green New Deal, Cuban intelligence

Candace Owens' doesn't understand Hitler's economy. She must read some history.

The Green New Deal is immoral. It pretends that an alternate reality exists.

Sanction Cuba's intelligence support for Venezuela. We must keep up the pressure.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Green New Deal, John Kelly dinner, Trump's Iraq Gaffe, Mohammed bin Salman

Green New Deal? Try economic armageddon. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's latest gift to civic life is a joke of epic proportions.

John Kelly has an eternal "hall pass" to "acceptable society." To suggest that Kelly would be unworthy of a DC dinner invitation is the height of misguided, immoral arrogance.

Trump's Iraq gaffe is a real problem: speaking without thinking, Trump has induced the triumph of Iraqi nationalist populism over joined US-Iraqi interest.

Foreign Policy's critics are wrong: Mohammed bin Salman is a top global thinker. The reality of his rule is objectively obvious in its overall positivity and originality.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Maduro Macbeth, SOTU holocaust, Venezuela sanctions, France nuclear, Trump SOTU, Democrats employment, Virginia governor

Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela's mix of Macbeth and Mr. Blobby. The pretender president is an absurd and immoral cretin.

At the State of the Union, American glory as rendered by Holocaust survivors and those who saved them. It was a wonderful moment.

The US should sanction Venezuelan military officers who are obstructing aid supplies into Venezuela. Doing so would send a powerful political message in support of the Venezuelan people.

With a nuclear warning shot at Russia, France reaffirms its support for the US and NATO. Now President Trump should thank President Macron.

Trump's State of the Union was Trump at his best. The president was generous.

Why didn't Democrats applaud Trump's line on minority employment? There is no obvious answer that comports with patriotic morality.

Is Virginia about to get the third-in-line-to-governor, Kirk Cox? The current scandal situation suggests it's a possibility.


Episode 3, Rogan and Rogan: podcast with my father discussing foreign policy and economic issues.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Iran anger, China Venezuela, Chris Murphy

Why Iran's hardliners just threatened Israel. It's about three factors: anger towards Rouhani more-moderates, anger against the IDF, and anger against Russia.

Why China wouldn't challenge the US military in Venezuela. Beijing would not be able to risk a conflict against the US in Latin America.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy blames Trump for arms sales under Obama. He should correct his tweet.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Venezuela colectivos, Bill de Blasio, AOC Corbyn, Golf DC

Why the colectivos of Venezuela pose a growing threat to Juan Guaido. They want to serve the revolution at all costs.

On Bill Maher, Bill de Blasio explains how conservatives can win. The New York City mayor endorsed a socialist dystopia.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's new bestie is an anti-American fanatic. The Congresswoman should choose better friends than Jeremy Corbyn.

How one entrepreneur is trying to make golf more accessible to more people. Based in DC, City Swing is a fun and flexible day out!