Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Maduro Macbeth, SOTU holocaust, Venezuela sanctions, France nuclear, Trump SOTU, Democrats employment, Virginia governor

Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela's mix of Macbeth and Mr. Blobby. The pretender president is an absurd and immoral cretin.

At the State of the Union, American glory as rendered by Holocaust survivors and those who saved them. It was a wonderful moment.

The US should sanction Venezuelan military officers who are obstructing aid supplies into Venezuela. Doing so would send a powerful political message in support of the Venezuelan people.

With a nuclear warning shot at Russia, France reaffirms its support for the US and NATO. Now President Trump should thank President Macron.

Trump's State of the Union was Trump at his best. The president was generous.

Why didn't Democrats applaud Trump's line on minority employment? There is no obvious answer that comports with patriotic morality.

Is Virginia about to get the third-in-line-to-governor, Kirk Cox? The current scandal situation suggests it's a possibility.


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