Thursday, June 9, 2016

India (page constantly updated)

On India's monument to sectarianism
On the India-China border crisis
On why Trump should stand with India
On Trump's trip to India
On why you really shouldn't write 725 words on Modi and not mention China
On Howdy Modi
On why we should welcome India's new defense plan
On why Modi's reelection is good news for America
On why the BBC is playing Pakistan's tune
On India suffering a new communist terrorist attack
On Indian elections and Pulwama fury
On the need to pressure China over Pulwama
On alliance building in 2019
On Indian naval operations in the Indian Ocean
On Russian influence over New Delhi
On how a tragic photograph illuminates India's better future
On how the new U.S.-India agreement will strengthen U.S.-led international order
On how Mike Pompeo aims to counter Chinese influence in Asia
On how with a simple name change Mattis built a bridge to India
On India's rule-of-law moment
On why India and China won't be friends anytime soon
On Trump must woo India, right now
On Tillerson's insult to India
On Tillerson and India relations
On why Trump should support India against China
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