Sunday, July 20, 2014

My writings on Russia (ignore date tag, constantly updated)

My TV/RADIO LINKS also include Russia segments.
This page is constantly updated (ignore date code)

Vladimir Putin was asking for the new Skripal-sanctions imposed - Wash Exam.
In Syria, Russia prepares to annihilate Idlib governate and betray Turkey - Wash Exam.
The latest Syria talks are a Russian fiction - Wash Exam.
The Putin-Trump summit follow up will make clear Trump's stance - Wash Exam.
Why the Scandinavian nations might be Putin's new problem - Wash Exam.
Putin is a realist not a neoconservative. Here's why that matters - Washington Examiner
How Putin operates his strategy and how to counter him - Washington Examiner
It would be insane to give the Russians access to Michael McFaul - Washington Examiner
Trump got played by Putin and nuked U.S. interests - Washington Examiner
Trump is wrong about why U.S.-Russia relations are so poor - Washington Examiner
Trump's 4 percent NATO push equals major pushback to Russia - Washington Examiner
Russia's hit squad in Britain screwed up - Washington Examiner
Why Vladimir Putin is again threatening U.S. forces in Syria - Washington Examiner
Don't worry about Russia's nuclear upgrades in Kaliningrad - Washington Examiner
The U.S. should redouble Marine deployments to Norway - Washington Examiner
Putin not Trump is bringing Europe closer to Russia - Washington Examiner
Russia is breaching the sanctions regime on North Korea - Washington Examiner
How Obama badly blew the response to MH-17's downingWashington Examiner
Why Putin wants to send me to the black DolphinWashington Examiner
Ukraine should blow up Russia's illegal invasion bridge - Washington Examiner
Salute Mikhail KhodorkovskyWashington Examiner
What Netanyahu wants from Putin - Washington Examiner
How will Putin respond to Ukraine's Javelin missile delivery - Washington Examiner
Why Assad - and Putin - are restricting inspectors from Douma - Washington Examiner
It is likely the Russian IC threw this journalist out of a window - Washington Examiner
How Russia spies in Britain - Washington Examiner
Skripal, early next day analysis - Washington Examiner
Britain's tough new warning to Russia - Washington Examiner
Putin and the art of the cutout - Washington Examiner
How Putin will try to play TrumpWashington Examiner
Obama always "choked" on Russia - Washington Examiner
Decoding Putin, part 2 - Washington Examiner
Decoding Putin, part 1 - Washington Examiner
How Trump Should Reform NATO (Russia related) - National Review
3 Ways the U.S. Can Save Syria - National Review
Russia's Rising Empire - National Review
Putin's Gun vs. Obama's Pen - National Review
Putin's Syria Strategy - National Review
Russia's Strategy in Syria - National Review
President Obama at the UN - National Review
Russia wants Mariupol - McLaughlin Group
Speech on Russia/Ukraine - Steamboat Institute
How to confront Putin - McLaughlin Group
Putin Returns - National Review
US policy in Ukraine - McLaughlin Group
The Nemtsov Murder - National Review
Debaltseve - McLaughlin Group
Honesty on Ukraine - National Review
Russia's War on Fracking - National Review
Putin, the Hungry Bear - National Review
NATO in crisis - Daily Telegraph
Ukraine situation - Fox News
What to do after MH17 - National Review
Obama Doctrine/Delusion - National Review
Obama's Sanctions Elixir - National Review
The Demise of the U.N. - National Review
Why Ukraine vindicates the NSA - American Spectator
The Nuland Call - National Review
Globe in Partes Tres - National Review
Tyranny with a smile - National Review
Putin's KGB Playbook National Review
On Russian Intelligence National Review
Obama's slumber-Putin's swindle American Spectator
WMD deal disaster The Guardian
On WMD deal Mark Davis 660AM
On Syria-Russia Mark Davis 660AM

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