Sunday, July 20, 2014

My writings on Russia

My TV/RADIO LINKS also include Russia segments.
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Trump just played into Putin's hands on Ukraine - Washington Examiner
Trump's short-sighted decision to cut support for Syrian rebels - Washington Examiner
Putin wants his mansions back. The U.S. must say no - Washington Examiner
No, most people wouldn't have met with the Russian lawyer - Washington Examiner
Hollywood's pathetic surrender to Putin - Washington Examiner
Putin and the art of the cutout - Washington Examiner
How many times did Sessions meet Kisylak - Washington Examiner
Why Britain lets Russia assassinate on its soil - Washington Examiner
A joint U.S.-Russia cyber unit is a very bad idea - Washington Examiner
Obama always "choked" on Russia - Washington Examiner
How the U.S. should respond to Russian threats to our pilots - Washington Examiner
Putin and Assad are testing the U.S. but we are answering - Washington Examiner
Be skeptical of Russian claims it killed the leader of ISIS - Washington Examiner
The House must join the Senate in sanctioning Russia - Washington Examiner
Putin shows he's scared of Navalny and political reform Washington Examiner
Decoding Putin, part 2 - Washington Examiner
Decoding Putin, part 1 - Washington Examiner
How to read between the lines of Sally Yates' testimony - Washington Examiner
What Mattis' Plan to Defeat Daesh Should Look Like - National Review
What Putin is up to in Ukraine (Highways...) - National Review
How the U.S. can challenge Russia - and why it matters - interview - Radio
A Strategy for how Trump Should Deal with Putin National Review
5 Things to Expect After Aleppo Falls - National Review
How Trump Should Reform NATO (Russia related) - National Review
3 Ways the U.S. Can Save Syria - National Review
The Syria Cease-Fire and Putin's Trojan Horse - National Review
3 Reasons Russia is Escalating Against the U.S. in Syria - National Review
Predicting GRU hacking of election - Homepage
Russia's Rising Empire - National Review
Discussing Russia's strategy in the Middle East - Facebook
Putin's Gun vs. Obama's Pen - National Review
Putin's Syria Strategy - National Review
Putin's Slaughter Persuasion on America - National Review
NATO strategy requires more than more money National Review
Turkey Downs a Russian Jet - What Happens Next National Review
President Obama at the UN - National Review
Speech on Russia/Ukraine - Steamboat Institute
MH-17 and the Downing of US Leadership - National Review
How to confront Putin - McLaughlin Group
NATO's Inadequate Deterrent Posture - National Review
Putin Returns - National Review
US policy in Ukraine - McLaughlin Group
The Nemtsov Murder - National Review
Debaltseve - McLaughlin Group
Honesty on Ukraine - National Review
Russia's War on Fracking - National Review
Putin, the Hungry Bear - National Review
Why Russia has re-invaded Ukraine - National Review
NATO in crisis - Daily Telegraph
Ukraine situation - Fox News
Ukraine Snap Election: What this means for the conflict - Daily Telegraph
Ukraine and the division of strategic purpose - The Spectator
Discussing Ukraine crisis - Fox News
MH17 makes the situation in Ukraine an American crisis and EU catastrophe - The Spectator
What to do after MH17 - National Review
Obama Doctrine/Delusion - National Review
Obama's Sanctions Elixir - National Review
The Demise of the U.N. - National Review
Why Ukraine vindicates the NSA - American Spectator
The Nuland Call - National Review
Globe in Partes Tres - National Review

My work has been recommended by the UK Parliament, the American Enterprise Institute, the BBC, +BBC +BBC, the Council on Foreign Relations, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, the Foreign Policy Initiative, The Week magazine, The Wire + The Wire + The Wire + The Wire, the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, and Real World Politics/Real Clear Politics. My examination of US security challenges at the end of 2013 was reviewed as the global ‘‘must read’’ of the day by the BBC.

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