Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Orban, Pompeo, Rice

In Viktor Orban, the European Union faces familiar democratic quandary. The EU doesn’t know how to handle a popular authoritarian without delegitimizing its mission and values.
North Korea will blame Mike Pompeo for coming missile tests. Pyongyang’s interest is in maintaining friendly relations between Trump and Kim, but extracting near-term concessions.
Why is Susan Rice shilling for China? The former national security adviser is attacking the Trump administration and defending Xi Jinping.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Iran vs. US in Iraq, Yemen chaos, Coronavirus superstitions, North Korea bioweapons, DPRAmerica

Respond to Iranian aggression in Iran, not Iraq. The need to confront Iranian malfeasance at its source is informed by Iraqi politics.
Yemen: escalating conflict, no aid, and coronavirus. The war-torn nation faces a very difficult moment.
Coronavirus superstitions find roots in Medieval idiocy. This is a crisis for the silly and the serious alike.
Why North Korea will find new cause in its bioweapons program. Our reaction to coronavirus will suggest to Kim that he has new rationale to double down on bioweapons.
Welcome to the People's Republic of America. The mandatory shut down orders, unbound from circumstances in each locality, are outrageous and un-American.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Marine strategy, Korea movie, Chinese media

Preparing to fight the new imperial Japan, China, the Marines return to their 1940s roots. The new Vision 2030 is about seizing islands, securing strongholds, and projecting power to deny Chinese freedom of action.
A Hollywood movie for historians, social justice folks, patriots, and the age of coronavirus. It would examine the courage of two Americans during the Korean War.
Chinese media celebrates Xi’s disingenuous G-20 speech. The Chinese president did not offer much truth.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

China's defective kits, Iran - Robert Levinson, Maduro indictment, Spain NATO

The old lesson in China’s sale of defective coronavirus kits to Spain. The Chinese have been at this game for a while now, and we don’t seem to learn what’s going on.
Iran must be held to account over Robert Levinson’s death. The regime consistently lied about its detention of Levenson and did so without much regret.
Nicolas Maduro’s indictment signals that the U.S. won’t compromise with the pretender president. Good, but it won’t push Maduro’s despicable regime out of power.
Spain needs NATO assistance, and a coronavirus reality check. The Spanish government has been a very poor alliance member in recent years.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Submarine Deterrence

We hate isolation, ballistic missile crews love it. The U.S. Navy’s 14 SSBN submarines are designed, crewed, and operated towards staying hidden and close to target.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Various pieces

Why a global coronavirus cease fire won’t work. Unfortunately, too many adversaries have too little interest in putting cooperation over chaos.
In his speech to Britons, Boris Johnson shows Winston Churchill is on his mind. The prime minister tried to draw a line from the struggles of the Second World War to the present.
China won’t pay, but Josh Hawley’s resolution deserves your support. We must hold the Chinese Communist Party for its deceptions and its utterly incompetent handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

and from yesterday...

Here's what Chinese state run media is telling its citizens. Basically: Xi is great, America is bad, and the world is grateful for the Communist Party's leadership. And you should be too.

Amid coronavirus, a reminder of why air supremacy matters. It offers the best means to deter and defeat adversaries in a situations where other means of force are restricted.

Why China's coronavirus PR strategy is ultimately doomed. The Communist regime has lied too much and with too much arrogance.

Friday, March 20, 2020

NSA China, FDA lethargy, 2024 coronavirus, Russia, WW1 memorial

 Did the NSA bust China’s coronavirus cover-up? Here are the good reasons to think it’s possible.
Inflexible, bureaucratic FDA is dragging its feet on coronavirus response. President Trump needs to tell the agency to get a grip.
2024 presidential candidates campaign on coronavirus. Three governors stand out here as prospective presidential candidates who are ordering increasingly extreme policies.
What’s going on with coronavirus in Russia? The statistics do not match up with reality. Here’s why.
World War One memorial construction should give us pride. The project shows that life goes on, even after the greatest hardships. And it honors those who deserve it.

WW1 Memorial

With Joseph Weishaar, designer of the World War One memorial under construction at Pershing Park. Taken a few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Racism and China, WW2, Navy readiness

Racism is bad, and China is America’s foremost enemy. Xi Jinping’s Communist regime must be called out for its nature and strategic intent.
Every day of World War Two was worse than these Coronavirus days. The loss of human life and the stakes involved were exponentially higher.
Hypocrisy defined: former Obama official attacks Trump administration over Navy readiness. The Obama administration was truly disastrous in its handling of military readiness concerns.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Expel Ambassador, Coronavirus information, National sovereignty

China expels U.S. journalists from its soil? U.S. should expel the Chinese Ambassador. There is ample cause for action here.
Xi’s Coronavirus information warfare. Beijing is employing a mixture of deception, fake aid, and overt lies to shift the blame for the global pandemic.
In Coronavirus border shutdown, a reminder that national sovereignty is critical. The responsibility of any good government is to ensure its citizens come first.