Friday, October 20, 2017

Florida protests, Texas MH370, Frederica moron, Wild Boars

At the UF, protesters and the school’s president played straight into Richard Spencer’s hands. Doing so, they proved the left has no conception of free speech

A Texan company is convinced it can find MH-370. Here’s why we should be optimistic about its chances

Frederica Wilson might be an idiot, but she has the right to debate a 4 star U.S. general. Democracy is why

Wild Boars are worthy of hunting. Powerful and abundant in population stock, they are also invading German towns

Thursday, October 19, 2017

3/5, Spain, Cambridge

As a Marine infantry officer, Robert Kelly would have wanted us to know the stories of the 3/5 men who died alongside him in Helmand, 2010-2011

Spain must ensure its political and territorial integrity, but if it overplays its hand in Catalonia, history warns that terrorism may follow

Cambridge University has embraced safe spaces. Here’s why the transgender student society is wrong to oppose controversial speakers

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Xi China, ISIS territory, US India, Gay Nazis

President Xi of China just delivered a very important speech to his Communist Congress. There’s a lot at stake for US interests

Territory matters a great deal to ISIS’ pursuit of its global mission.
Indeed, for ISIS, territory is theological

To win a better future, the US and India need a stronger alliance. Fortunately, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just gave a superb speech to that effect

A British neo-Nazi has just quit his organization and come out as gay. But don’t be shocked, there’s nothing new about gay Nazis

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Special Report

GOP wants tax reform because they need a win: 47m21s or, if that doesn't work, 35m25s here

Kurdish situation in Iraq poses major regional challenges - 49m04s or, if that doesn't work, 37m24s here

Amazon CIA, Raqqa ISIS, Seattle liberalism, Brexit economy, ISIS Philippines

Trump should appoint Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, his new CIA director if he decides to move his current director, Mike Pompeo, to the State Department

Raqqa has fallen. It’s a big victory, but challenges await over the horizon

Amazon has sparked a battle between Seattle liberals and pragmatists. For Seattle’s sake, the pragmatists need to win

Brexit is likely to harm the British economy in the short term, but it must go ahead anyway

A top ISIS leader in the Philippines has been killed. It will help global security

Monday, October 16, 2017

Kirkuk Iraq, Cultural appropriation, Venezuela election, Chicken regulations

What's happening in Kirkuk and how the US should respond. Plus, why the crisis in northern Iraq threatens to spill over into a regional conflagration

This Halloween, colleges are warning their students to avoid cultural appropriation. Here’s why students should ignore them

Venezuela just held another fake election. Time to ban Venezuelan oil exports

Suppliers want Trump to repeal a cap on the number of chickens an employee can inspect. The president should do so

Friday, October 13, 2017

Iran editorial (I wrote) on President Trump's new Iran deal strategy

President Trump delivered a tough but proportionate speech on Iran. He pledged to improve the nuclear deal with that nation, and counter Iran’s aggression in the region

Britain has ruled that public schools cannot segregate boys and girls. It’s the right decision.

South Africa has decided that its president, Jacob Zuma, should face trial over a corrupt arms deal from 1999. It’s a long overdue step to confront a very corrupt president

A new movie shows how Britain saved Iranian diplomats in London while Iran held American diplomats in Tehran. It also evidences why hostage sieges are so challenging

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sonic Cuba, Pakistan hostages, Millennial taxes

Who is responsible for the sonic attacks on US diplomats in Cuba? Here are three possible culprits with intent and means

Pakistan’s story about the rescue of Caitlan Coleman doesn’t add up. That said, here’s why the Pakistanis released the hostages

Young conservatives must oppose tax reform that adds to the deficit. If we don’t, we are smacking ourselves in the wallet

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Special Report + Overtime!

Plus overtime!

Trump Korea, NFL, Trump media, Trump nukes

Is Trump considering stepping inside North Korea? Maybe. Here’s why that would be a mistake

The NFL is broken. The league needs to empower fans, speed up games, and get rid of Roger Goodell

He might like threatening the press, but Trump’s complaints are toothless. Unless, that is, the media take the president’s bait

The US doesn’t need a tenfold increase in its nuclear warhead stockpile, but Trump doesn’t deserve the criticism he’s receiving for suggesting otherwise