Monday, April 30, 2018

Israel busts Iranian lies, Mossad proves its worth, Trump vs. Qatar, Israel air strikes in Syria, Netanyahu

Israel just proved Iran has lied systematically about its nuclear weapons research. But the nuclear agreement might survive anyway

The Mossad is one exceptional intelligence service. From Tehran to Tel Aviv, the intelligence service just completed a special half-ton nuclear delivery

Trump should challenge Qatar’s feudal foreign policy. The wealthy Sunni kingdom is playing too nice with terrorists

Here’s how we know Israel carried out airstrikes in Syria and why it did so

Netanyahu might deliver a hammer blow to the Iran nuclear agreement. If, that is, he can prove a material breach of Iranian compliance with the deal

Friday, April 27, 2018

China's missiles, Amazon Prime, India and China

China’s stand-off missiles are an increasing problem for the U.S. military. They give Beijing the prospective ability to deny U.S. access to the western Pacific.

Amazon Prime is overpriced at its new tag of $119 a year. Here’s how you can get great service without paying a premium.

Why China and India won’t be friends anytime soon. The two nations have too many divergences in nationalism, policy interests and trust.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trump's infinity war, Trump in Britain, Trump vs. Merkel, Trump's priorities with Theresa May, Macron and Paris accord, free speech debates

Trump must beware the infinity war: this summer offers the prospect of a U.S. conflict with Iran, China, North Korea and Russia. Possibly all at the same time.

How Trump will be guarded during his July visit to Britain. These are the various steps that US and British security services will take during Trump’s visit.

Why Trump and Chancellor Merkel don’t get along. The two leaders have very different personalities and increasingly divergent policy interests on a range of issues.

What to expect from Trump’s trip to Britain: a focus on trade and warm words.

from yesterday..

Macron will likely succeed in getting Trump back into the Paris climate accord. The French leader is playing for the long game.

President Macron speaks to transatlantic speech battles. He wants more regulation.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Drone inventor, Macron and Trump, Milo and far left Nazis, Le Bromance

Meet the Nepali-American inventor who is designing drones destined to save lives in water, mountain ranges and battlefields

Why Macron and Trump get along so well. It’s about shared interests and the French president’s understanding of Trump’s personality

Milo Yiannopoulos was just accosted by far-left protesters. Their conduct shows their natural sympathy for Nazi tactics

Le Bromance: what’s behind the love fest at La Maison Blanche? Here’s why Trump and Macron showed so much physical affection at their White House meetings

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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Pompeo Korea, McConnell Mueller, Castro Cuba, Macron unions, Shaheen LGBTQ

Why Mike Pompeo was the perfect person for Trump to present in Pyongyang. The CIA chief has the reputation and knowledge.

Mitch McConnell’s pathetic excuse for not protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The senator won’t allow a bipartisan group of colleagues to vote on a Mueller protection bill.

Castro’s era ends in Cuba, but the communists will ensure people keep suffering.

Emmanuel Macron just owned union protesters in a street debate. The French president challenged the false morality adopted by his opponents.

Senator Shaheen shows contempt for the facts and the responsibility of her office.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cambridge Police are owed an apology from their Mayor, How to bring down prescription drug prices, Trump should summon the Qatari ambassador over this photo, China versus Taiwan?

Cambridge Mayor, Marc McGovern owes an apology to his city’s police force. By playing to populist morons, the mayor betrayed his responsibility to the truth

To bring down prescription drug prices, Trump should introduce an export price floor on drug sales abroad. At present, the world freeloads on U.S. consumers

Trump should summon the Qatari Ambassador over this wedding photo. The Qataris pledged to crackdown on terrorism funding but one photo proves the lie

China is upping the pressure on Taiwan. Here’s what’s going on

Monday, April 16, 2018

Putin and Assad will hit Syrian civilians again, NATO is crumbling, Why Russia is obstructing the OPCW in Syria, The FSB likely killed Maxim Borodin

With Putin’s support, Assad is very likely to carry out a new chemical attack in the near future. The Russian leader will want to regain the initiative.

Syria’s solitary three prove that NATO is crumbling. The absence of major NATO members from the recent Syria strikes is a sign that the alliance has big problems.

Here’s why the Russians and Assad are obstructing OPCW access to Douma.

Why it’s very likely that Russian intelligence services are responsible for throwing Maxim Borodin out of a window. He was getting too close to the Wagner truth.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mike Pompeo, CATO farms, Saudi cyclists

Mike Pompeo has the right reforms for the State Department. He wants to unleash the mission force

Cato nukes the crony capitalism of farm subsidies. The think tank has delivered a new report on where and how wasteful spending could be cut

Saudi Arabia’s first female cycling race is good news for U.S. national security. The desert kingdom must reform or become a terrorist brewing pot

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Smart missiles, Paul Ryan, Buyers market

The good and the bad of Trump’s “smart” missile tweet. While the president gave too much away, he also reinforced U.S. moral leadership in the world.

Paul Ryan made the U.S. military stronger and the American people safer. For that, he deserves much credit.

Iran, Mueller, and the coming potential for panic buying on the stock market. If, that is, you can master the risk calculation like James T. Kirk!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Assad retaliataion, Sadiq Khan, Plastic pollution, Free speech

Why and how Trump will retaliate against Assad. The president will take action proportionate to the Syrian dictator’s challenge to U.S. national security

Sadiq Khan’s plan to counter rising violence in London won’t succeed. The mayor is not focusing on the right approach

Conservatives should support a crackdown on plastic pollution. This is about the future of the planet and the viability of future meals at Sushi restaurants

On Bill Maher’s show, Max Boot argued in favor of authoritarianism. Don’t buy it

Friday, April 6, 2018

Oleg Deripaska, Madeline Albright elites, Brazilian feds, Rich taxes

Oleg Deripaska is Putin’s cut out man. Trump deserves credit for sanctioning him but must now take another step

Madeline Albright just inadvertently explained why Trump supporters hate elites

The Brazilian federal police should drag Lula to prison. The former president has betrayed his nation

If you care about honesty, stop saying that the rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes. The data shows they pay 30 percent more than their fair share