Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pyongyang deal, EU expenses, Trump Sessions, India illuminated

The new deal between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in is worthless. Pledging to close a site that it no longer uses, North Korea is again proving that it won’t - willingly - make concessions.
The European Union is refusing to publish its MPs expense accounts. Why? Because the EU is an arrogant joke of an institution.
President Trump looks weak when he attacks Jeff Sessions on Twitter. The president hired Sessions and can fire him, but wants Sessions to make it easy on him. Sessions won’t oblige.
How a tragic photograph illuminates India’s better future. It shows human suffering but it sparked human salvation.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Russia and Israel, Moon and Trump, Haley versus Russia

Why Russia can’t blame Israel for its aircraft loss in Syria. The Russians knew that the Syrians were children playing with fire, and that Israel won’t watch Iran take over Syria.
When it comes to North Korea, Trump and Moon are on two very different planets. The two leaders have divergent interests and strategies.

Nikki Haley confronts Russia’s sanctions busting. The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. rightly calls out Russia for its deception over the supply of energy to Pyongyang.

Friday, September 14, 2018

China in Venezuela, I can hear you, Paul Manafort, F-22 vs Su-35

What if China sets up a naval base in Venezuela? The possibility is increasingly realistic and would fit perfectly with Chinese political and military ambitions.
I can hear you! 17 years ago today, Bush’s greatest moment: The former president delivered leadership to a nation in shock. And then kept it up.
Don’t pardon Paul Manafort. For Trump to release Manafort from responsibility over his corruption would hurt justice and Trump himself.
The F-22 is not at a disadvantage against the Su-35. Quite the contrary, the F-22 platform offers a range of significant tactical advantages against its Russian counterforce.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Erdogan Idlib, Prisoner evacuation, NYPD scandal, Cats Dogs

How Turkey’s president Erdogan is attempting to restrain Putin in Idlib. The Turkish leader is moving armored forces into key blocking positions. It probably won’t work.
Why South Carolina might be right to keep prisoners in the path of Hurricane Florence. It’s about prisoner safety, and practical weather conditions.
The NYPD brothel scandal is a tale of good policing as well as bad. If not for the NYPD-IAB this corruption might never have been detected.
Let people eat cats and dogs. The federal government has no business legislating on an issue that causes no harm.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Putin's GRU coverup, Assad and retaliation, EC president Juncker, Income tax cuts

An inside look about why and how Putin is lying in relation to the Skripal assassination team. The Russian president must buy time for a cover story fiction.
Why and how Trump should militarily retaliate against Assad if he uses chemical weapons again. The need is vested in U.S. security interests.
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker wants to make a U.S.E. He just evidenced his ongoing ambition of destroyed European national sovereignty.
Absent commensurate spending reforms, Republicans should not make the income tax cuts permanent. The deficit related vulnerabilities are too much to ignore.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Erdogan - Putin, modern Orwell, Trump China, Navalny's duel

In Syria, Erdogan wakes up to Putin's bloody smile. The Turkish president has just realized that Putin has utterly played him.

Echoing Orwell's 1984, British politicians try to ban private speech on Facebook. Their new legislation is authoritarian and unnecessary.

Trump would be clever to sanction Chinese officials for their treatment of the Uighurs. It would signal U.S. moral leadership and undercut China's global ambitions.

A Putin crony just lost a social media duel with Alexei Navalny. The two Russians have countermanding views of civil society, but only one of them is good at social media!

Monday, September 10, 2018

PLO office, Sweden Democrats, Corbyn's fanaticism, Dulles airport

Closing the Palestinian PLO office in Washington doesn’t serve US interests or the cause of peace. In fact, it reeks of shortsighted Trump administration petulance.
The lesson of Sweden Democrats’ election success is that you can’t fight populism with insults. You have to respect voters and offer alternative solutions.
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is trying to purge its own pro-Jewish MPs. This isn’t a joke. It reflects a sustaining vein of British far-left antisemitism.
Dulles international airport is a national disgrace. Badly run and badly resourced, it gives a very bad impression of America.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Russia vs US in Syria, Conservative economic morality, McCain nuked Moore

Why it’s not so crazy to think the Russians would attack U.S. forces in Syria. Vladimir Putin is a leader willing to take calculated risks for grand ambitions.
Conservatives should preach the economic data from the rooftops! The August jobs report shows that free market capitalism works wonders over socialism.
That time John McCain nuked Michael Moore. The former Senator was clear-sighted in challenging Moore’s idiotic defense of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

India-US agreement, Trump Caesar, Jair Bolsonaro

In India, the Trump administration scores a big win for U.S. grand strategy. Providing India with new military capabilities strengthens the U.S.-led international order.
Julius Caesar's example shows why Trump's bad week in Washington isn't bad in the rest of America. The economy matters most for most Americans.
The attack on Jair Bolsonaro is a reminder as to why security details hate crowds. The Brazilian presidential candidate is stable, but this is a wake-up call.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

GRU hit in UK, US concerns on Syria, Google ignores Congress, Corbyn's problems

How the U.K. knows the Russian GRU carried out the Skripal assassination attempt. The evidence train follows clearly in the GRU’s wake.
Why the U.S. is so concerned about Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin’s latest offensive in Syria. The tactics axis forces employ are the key issues here.

No, the 25th amendment is not a proportionate recourse against Trump's extreme unpredictability. The Constitution offers democratic balance under law.

Google shames itself by ignoring Congress. The tech giant required a better showing on the important issue of foreign adversarial interference in U.S. social discourse.
Jeremy Corbyn can’t - or won’t - wash off the stink of his anti-Semitism. The Labour Party leader has a unquenchable penchant for flirting with Jew hatred.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Trump foreign policy, Malaysia lesbians, John Kerry 2020, Brett Kavanaugh handshake, Wayne Rooney

Trump’s foreign policy isn’t as bad as excerpts from Bob Woodward’s book suggest. The key is what Trump actually does, not what he says.
Malaysia’s decision to cane two lesbians reflects a continuing crisis in political Islam. Too many Islamist political parties continue to put strict personal morality laws before their service of a better society.
John Kerry’s foreign policy views are ill-suited to the Oval Office. The former senator and secretary of state is a good man but he lacks the realism to lead America abroad.
Don’t blame Brett Kavanaugh for not shaking Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg’s hand. Security deserves our much closer attention when it comes to federal judges.
I ran into Wayne Rooney at a DC bar. It was both fun and informative.