Wednesday, September 5, 2018

GRU hit in UK, US concerns on Syria, Google ignores Congress, Corbyn's problems

How the U.K. knows the Russian GRU carried out the Skripal assassination attempt. The evidence train follows clearly in the GRU’s wake.
Why the U.S. is so concerned about Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin’s latest offensive in Syria. The tactics axis forces employ are the key issues here.

No, the 25th amendment is not a proportionate recourse against Trump's extreme unpredictability. The Constitution offers democratic balance under law.

Google shames itself by ignoring Congress. The tech giant required a better showing on the important issue of foreign adversarial interference in U.S. social discourse.
Jeremy Corbyn can’t - or won’t - wash off the stink of his anti-Semitism. The Labour Party leader has a unquenchable penchant for flirting with Jew hatred.  

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