Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trump's infinity war, Trump in Britain, Trump vs. Merkel, Trump's priorities with Theresa May, Macron and Paris accord, free speech debates

Trump must beware the infinity war: this summer offers the prospect of a U.S. conflict with Iran, China, North Korea and Russia. Possibly all at the same time.

How Trump will be guarded during his July visit to Britain. These are the various steps that US and British security services will take during Trump’s visit.

Why Trump and Chancellor Merkel don’t get along. The two leaders have very different personalities and increasingly divergent policy interests on a range of issues.

What to expect from Trump’s trip to Britain: a focus on trade and warm words.

from yesterday..

Macron will likely succeed in getting Trump back into the Paris climate accord. The French leader is playing for the long game.

President Macron speaks to transatlantic speech battles. He wants more regulation.

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