Wednesday, February 27, 2019

India v Pakistan, Cuba's oil, Corbyn antisemitism, Chinese propaganda, Useful idiocy, Merkley's tweet

Why escalated India-Pakistan tensions are the new normal. Neither side has much reason to want improved relations with the other.

How to end Nicolas Maduro’s stranglehold over Venezuela by restricting his oil supplies to Cuba. It’s all about cutting off the regime’s security enablers.

Jeremy Corbyn again fails to take on antisemitism. The British politician is utterly incapable of recognizing political immorality.

In a Chinese propaganda article: the inadvertent expression of Xi Jinping’s vulnerability. The Chinese leader is caught between his domestic repression and foreign aggression.

Autopsy of useful idiocy. How useful idiocy is spread by false history, anti-Americanism, and careful articulation.

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