Monday, December 10, 2018

China/Russia realism, Macron vs Thatcher, Bolsonaro vs. Maduro, John Kelly, Theresa May, Heather Nauert, Pearl Harbor

China, Russia, and the greater morality of American realism. The contrast of balanced human interests is striking.

France needs a Margaret Thatcher, not a weak Emmanuel Macron. Facing the same challenge as Thatcher, the french president chooses the opposite response.

Jair Bolsonaro and Colombia’s president intend to crackdown on Venezuela: both nations have vested interests in seeing Maduro weakened.

John Kelly: uniquely worthy of the nation’s gratitude. His is a life in service.

Why Theresa May has delayed her Brexit vote: she needs to earn more support.

Heather Nauert is ready to be Ambassador to the U.N. She gets Russia's games.

Pearl Harbor and the “silly people” of Imperial Japan. The attack was absurd.

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