Monday, December 17, 2018

Israel-China relations, Russia Caribbean base, Jeremy Corbyn, Major Golsteyn, Hezbollah UN

Israel is being a bad ally to the US on China. The Israeli government must reconsider its close relationship with Beijing. If not, the US must respond.

Russia will struggle to use its Caribbean bomber base to target America. Russia lacks the money to afford that base an effective strike option against America.

Jeremy Corbyn again nukes his own leadership credibility. The Labour Party leader has issued a fake no confidence motion in parliament. Here’s what’s going on.

Trump should wait for Matthew Golsteyn’s trial to be completed. Then, based on what we know of his life, he should pardon him.

On Hezbollah tunnels, the UN is about to prove its own ignorance. The UN has proven Lebanese Hezbollah’s breach of a security council resolution. But it won’t matter.

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