Monday, August 6, 2018

Jean Luc Picard, Venezuela threats, Chicago violence, Rick Gates and Trump, MS-13 absurdity

5 reasons to welcome Jean Luc Picard's return to Star Trek screens. Sir Patrick Stewart is a very fine actor, but his famed character also exemplifies excellence.

Assessing Venezuela's threats to the U.S. and Colombia. While President Nicolas Maduro poses some danger, the real issue might be what Russia does next.

Chicago needs a crimefighting mayor. Rahm Emanuel has failed abysmally but fixing Chicago's violence requires more than more police officers.

Rick Gates reminded President Trump why he shouldn't tweet support for Paul Manafort. By doing otherwise, Trump hurts himself and the nation.

MS-13 leader complains about prison conditions: someone please find the world's smallest violin. The notion of MS-13 having a moral concern about prison treatment is utterly absurd.

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