Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump Korea, Trump's rubicon?, Japan military, Mars and NASA, Australian politics

Trump is right to cancel Pompeo's trip to Pyongyang. A visit now would have signaled American weakness at a moment of major consequence.
Did Federal prosecutors just cross Trump’s legal rubicon? The enlisting of Trump’s CFO could be a step towards unilateral action from the White House.
Japan deserves congratulations for its first female military aviator but it must now take defense seriously in other areas. A rising China leaves no room for Japan’s relaxed attitude.
Go to Mars but also fund more research into deep space travel. NASA must balance short term objectives against high-cost, high-risk, high-value endeavors.
Here’s what’s going on in the crazy world of Australian politics. The Australian prime minister has been deposed and his party is taking a big risk.

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