Monday, April 16, 2012

Afghanistan Attacks

The insurgent attack on Kabul was a failure. Very few civilians were killed and Afghan security forces responded quickly and robustly. The intention was obviously to replicate a strategic perception factor like that which followed the North Vietnamese attack on Saigon in 1968, IE- That the Afghan Govt. is vulnerable everywhere and that the Taliban/Haqqani Network hold all the cards.

This would be the wrong lesson to draw from the attack. Over the past couple of years the Taliban have suffered major setbacks across Afghanistan. They have lost many mid-high level commanders (via a ISAF strategy following in the footsteps McChrystal's AQI battle plan in Iraq), the group has lost substantial power bases in the South of the country (especially in Helmand and Kandahar province), they continue to alienate the majority of the Afghan population and Afghan security forces are growing in number, strength and credibility. Karzai's corruption continues to be an issue that requires diplomatic attention, but patient resolve is paying dividends in Afghanistan. 

We must not abandon the Afghan people.

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