Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chavez, Castro and the stupidity of the European left

I never cease to find it amazing how clueless some European liberals are when it comes to the socialist governments of Central/South America. Cuba's problems are well known.. yet morons like Galloway continue to worship Castro. In 2009, Venezuela's civilian death rate from violence was 3x larger than that in Iraq. Further, Venezuela's economy is now a sad joke. Conversely, the largely moderate-liberal governance of Brazil has meant that that country's economy is surging. The comparisons are clear. 

Luckily for the European left, they will shortly be able to see whether they have it right.. It will be interesting to see what happens when the French socialist, Hollande, is elected President of that country.. Perhaps then European liberals will reach the promised majesty of socialist utopia. Or.. perhaps when the French bond market collapses (French GDP to Debt ratio is 85% and Hollande's policies will destroy economic growth/investment and increase inflation), liberals will realise that they were just being stupid.

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