Thursday, April 26, 2012

IF he's at his best, Romney will beat Obama

General dissatisfaction with Obama's policies on health care, the economy and spending/debt levels mean that a considerable constituency of the voting public hold either negative or poor-neutral attitudes towards the President's policy agenda. While many Americans (myself included) hold positive personal opinions towards the President - believing him to be a well intentioned, honorable man, Romney shares these traits.

In this regard, it is my view that Romney's policies - adopting the Ryan plan for debt reduction, a more simple non-deductible tax code with lowered rates etc will attract popular support when compared to Obama's policies/plans. Romney will however have to articulate a more honest approach to issues like health care, closing tax loopholes, where he actually stands on Iran etc, if he is to appear as genuine. If Romney does not act in a genuine fashion, Obama will be able to successfully portray him as a man divorced from the concerns of middle and low income Americans. Such a characterization will lose Romney the election.

A final point is in terms of the issue of popular charisma. While Romney does not possess the natural 'celebrity' style charisma of Obama, he will appeal to the many voters looking for a candidate who exudes the confidence and intellect of a CEO style leader. This is an especially important dynamic in the current environment of ongoing economic difficulties.

IN the end, American society is a center right society. If Romney appeals to his best traits (moderate, intellectual conservatism), he will be able to present a compelling case as to why he should be elected. I believe that this is a case that he will win. However, if Romney appeals to the hard right elements of the Republican party, especially Palinesque anti-intellectuals, Obama will win re-election.

Romney at his best


  1. People talk of Obama's charisma, but...
    'Charisma hasn't helped the economy'
    'Charisma hasn't helped Americans find jobs'
    'Charisma doesn't work- business works'
    'Charisma doesn't work- experience works'

    etc, etc, etc…. Like we discussed, play to your strengths...