Friday, April 27, 2012

Obama Campaign Ad - Bin Laden and Romney

The new Obama campaign ad claiming that Romney wouldn't have taken out Bin Laden is a complete joke. It would be pretty funny if it weren't so disappointing. It represents a damning indictment of a President willing to put politics before the national unity that could have been found (and held) from such a great moment for America.

Three other observations stand out to me.

1) Clinton's involvement in the ad is pretty stupid/stunning. This is the President who allowed Bin Laden to escape justice on a number of different occasions

2) After Operation Neptune Spear, Obama claimed that the Bin Laden death was an opportunity to unify America. Like so many of his statements I took him at face value. Now we see Obama placing politics first. It is truly, truly sad. And truly hypocritical from the man who said he would change Washington for the better.

3) McCain or Romney would have taken out Bin Laden. Obviously.

4) Clinton's snide remark that 'one thing George Bush said that was right' is another example of the Obama Administration's disgusting attitude towards the former President. GW Bush has been an exemplary gentleman in all his interactions/conduct towards Obama. Shame the 'hope and change' candidate doesn't reciprocate.

Obama disappoints me a lot these days.

My attempted comment below the campaign video (Obama Campaign may screen it out) - This is so disappointing Mr. President. After the killing of the Al Qa'ida leader, you claimed hope that Bin Laden's death was an opportunity for unity in America.. and now you throw that sentiment 180' on its head. So much for the candidate who would change Washington for the better.

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