Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colombia and FARC

The Colombian Govt's effective counter-insurgency effort against FARC is again reaping dividends. The US should be proud of the role that we have played pushing FARC onto the back foot. FARC used to control significant portions of Colombian territory. From these safe havens, the group waged terrorist aggression against the Colombian people and constructed a lucrative narco-terrorism empire which used extortion, kidnapping and murder to maintain and extend its grip of power (hilariously FARC regard themselves as Marxists). Since 2002 however, along with extensive US govt. support (albeit often covert and of an intelligence nature), the Colombian govt. has aggressively pursued FARC and captured or killed many of the group's senior/middle leadership. Now, due to a sound strategy and strong political leadership, Colombia has brought a once incredibly powerful terrorist group to its knees. Colombia is now a stable, confident democracy with a increasingly powerful economy.

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