Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The two faces of President Obama

In accusing Romney of being unworthy of the Oval Office, once again the President has jumped on his rocking horse of faux moralism. Cue the standard 'look away from the camera, pensive, this is serious' posture. This is a major league political hypocrisy in which President Obama is the political Josh Hamilton. Sadly, when it comes to Obama's hypocrisy, there is nothing new here. After the successful Bin Laden operation, the President claimed that he wanted the event to be a moment of national unity devoid of partisanship. And then... he did exactly the opposite and unashamedly decided to use the operation to attack Romney. Another example? Consider candidate Obama in 2008. After stating in his book (supposedly written to foster bi-partisanship) that President Bush was too stupid to hold his office, in response, Bush then used his last press conference to speak highly of Obama, expressing his wish that the new President would be respected. What a difference. Of course, 2008 was also the year in which Obama (speaking to a fundraising audience...) proclaimed middle Americans to be racist and their values delusional.
          In fact, Obama the constitutional law professor is so convinced of his own moral omnipotence, that he finds no qualms even in attacking the Supreme Court* when they dare to disagree with his personal opinion. Who cares that this kind of action cuts at the crucial foundation of our country's separation of powers?
         It is sad that much of the media have no interest in pointing out these profound  and obvious contradictions. But hey, President Obama is perfect so what do I know?
Maybe President Obama was asleep during his first week at Harvard Law?

* -  As well as deliberately misrepresenting the Citizens United decision by falsely claiming that it authorized foreign spending in US elections.


  1. A) The only politicians who have ever stuck to their morals tend to be genocidal dictators. Don't pretend Obama's "Faux moralism" is anything new for democrats or republicans, whether they hold office or not.
    B) I think you need to make up your mind on whether you are attacking the media or Obama. Manipulation of the media is a key part of politics and if Mitt is so unlikable and his campaign is so inexperienced and inept that they can't do it, well they don't deserve to win.
    C) Middle America do hold delusional values, those values don't become suddenly truthful when they are held in great numbers. Romney is suffering from those values at the moment since so many of them won't vote for him because of his Mormonism.
    D)American politics is truly pathetic at the moment, both sides just act like whiney children, complaining to the media about how the other is being mean. Don't encourage that by being blindly partisan in your criticisms.

  2. Thanks for your comment. A) I believe because he is so sanctimonious he is taking it to another level. B) Media bias is profound. CNN is the only fair cable news outlet. C) Guns and God are not delusional values in my opinion. And I would love to see the poll numbers that suggest people won't vote for him because of his faith. I don't think they exist. D) I think I have backed up my criticisms with facts.


    Similar statistics can be found on numerous other sites.

    1. The operative number in that poll is the 9% who know Romney is a Mormon and care. I doubt the number is that high and I do not believe it to be statistically significant.

    2. Statistical significance isn't a matter of belief...