Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney's opportunity

The Democrats are presenting Romney-Ryan with a huge electoral opportunity. With even greater glee than normal, the Democratic Party is currently engaged in a full scale effort to protect the avarice of big unions. In Chicago, after a week of ignoring the children of that city, the teachers strike continues. Continuing, even though Mayor 'Rahmbo' aka Mayor Dumbo is offering to shower the union with more money. In Wisconsin, after previously attempting to sabotage democracy in order to stop Gov. Walker's union law from taking effect, then trying to end Walker's term early, the Democrats are now relying on absurd petitions to the courts. In New York, the Democrat-Union alliance has proudly prevented poor New Yorkers from taking advantage of cheaper food and household goods (the store, its jobs and cheap prices will now go to Christie's New Jersey). As if these actions weren't enough, the Democratic campaign platform goes even further - declaring total, unrepentant support for the big union agenda. An agenda that rests on intimidation, theft and the restriction of free speech

GOP candidates across America should take notice. Alongside their support for the job killing union agenda, the Democrats broader economic position is equally vulnerable. The economy remains weak and Obama's economic record (and economic strategy) are  devoid of value. Americans do not like the kind of left-wing special interests fetishism currently being practised by the Democrats. They understand that these policies destroy jobs, weaken the economy and add seemingly endless amounts of debt to the federal accounts. There is now a clear path for Romney to take the electoral fight to the President. Romney must wage a campaign with absolute focus on the economy (and Obama's foreign policy weakness).

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