Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Video

Mother Jones have hit the jackpot for left wing spin. Case in point - the absurd haze atmospherics that they have edited into their video. Suddenly, a standard fundraising event becomes a gathering of evil. 
         But let's consider the facts. What Romney said was largely true. The highest earning top 10% of taxpayers are responsible for over 70% of Federal Government tax revenue. AND as Romney pointed out, 49.5% Americans pay NO federal tax. 49.5%. Indeed, when tax related credits/grants are taken into consideration many of these individuals actually make money from the Federal Government. It is in this sense that there are many voters who have no interest in the Republican agenda. This is not a shocker - there is little personal interest in voting for a party that wants to end the free rider train. Why vote against Obama when he will give you everything for nothing.

Of course, there are broader issues at stake here. One of the big debates in this campaign concerns the question of the Federal  Government. IE - What the Federal Government should do and what it should not do. We Republicans do not believe that the Federal Government should exist as a replicant of EU style social welfare models. For us, a balanced but real appreciation for Personal responsibility is critical. For example, I accept the need for Government led reforms to our health care system that (unlike Obamacare's cost inflationary health reforms) will bring down costs and expand coverage. But, I do not believe that the Government should provide a cradle to grave system of state management over individual lives. Instead, I believe that personal responsibility and its inherent corollary- personal opportunity are critical elements of a dynamic American society and of the high living standards that Americans enjoy.
       Another issue. The federal budget is out of control. Federal spending has increased dramatically over the last 50 years. If the President is re-elected the spending curve will probably continue on the road to bankruptcy. Re- Romney's comments - There is a major problem when a large element of the population gains generous benefits without holding an effective personal stake in the broader budget game. In essence, these individuals feed the President's spending ambitions because they believe that they will have nothing to sacrifice as a result. Resolving America's debt crisis will require tough, honest debate. Unfortunately, the President has zero interest* in such a discussion. This largely explains why left wing outlets like Mother Jones are trying to paint Romney as a Ferengi. Obama has no plan and no ideas, so spin and scare tactics are the left's only option. This President's slogan should be 'Change which takes effort to believe in'.

As a final point, because they cannot face the truth of his words, Romney is attracting Democratic screams that his latest comments should end his campaign. I have a question for those Democrats. Where were their screams when in 2008, Obama attacked the personal values of 'small town America' while casually labelling these citizens as racists?

* - The $4 trillion 'savings' are the same that Obama referred to in his DNC acceptance speech. He is being dishonest.

Note- The Heritage Foundation charts linked above are both built upon IRS data. They do not represent Republican spin.


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