Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Video 2

I am not going to comment on the second Romney video -concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict, until Mother Jones releases the rest of the video recording. Their editing has been astoundingly biased. For those who haven't seen it (I have linked  below), just as Romney is talking about the opportunities for peace in the future, Mother Jones decides to end the released video. Pathetic journalism.

UPDATE - Mother Jones has finally released the full footage. Romney does qualify his statement by mentioning opportunities for peace in the future. His suggestion, in the context of the next round of Palestinian elections, that the Palestinian people may one day be amenable to peace, seems to indicate that Romney regards peace as a long term possibility. While I am more optimistic than Romney about the medium-long term prospects for peace, it should be evident to all that with HAMAS still in power in Gaza, the short term prospects for a peace deal are inherently limited. It must be noted that HAMAS ideology resides on embedded anti-Semitism and that the group still does not accept Israel's right to exist. Contrary to the self imposed delusion of left wing commentators, that ideational dynamic does not make for a fantastic starting point for possible negotiations. The focus of the US Government should be the continued provision of support to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the increased isolation of HAMAS in Gaza.

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