Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democratic Platform and Unions

The release of the Democratic platform has largely been met with positive media reporting. Unfortunately, this reporting ignores how extreme the Democratic Party remains when it comes to the issues of Unions. In their new platform, Democrats unapologetically reject any restrictions on Union power. They "vigorously oppose" the "Right to Work", "Paycheck Protection" and "Save our Secret Ballot" measures. To me, it is stunning that alongside these measures the Democratic party tries to claim the mantle of middle class empowerment. Requiring Union membership to work a job, requiring un-consented paycheck deductions and denying private voting choice are illiberal and un-American policies. These steps deny low-middle income workers their constitutional rights to free speech and effectively steal money from their pockets. The Democratic rejection of secret balloting is an especially unpleasant example of the Democratic Party's apparent comfort with Union intimidation. I am proud that the Republican Party has leaders like Chris Christie, John Kasich and Paul Walker who are willing to stand up against these measures. As I have previously noted, Unions drive up living costs, reduce employment opportunities and destroy state budgets (just look at California and Illinois).

Far from being the ally of low-middle income Americans, Unions are our worst economic enemy. Sadly, the Democratic Party is owned by them.

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