Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Romney v Obama - Election 2012

Romney is officially the nominee. In reality he was the nominee a few months back. Now that he is confirmed, we can expect to see a much greater emphasis on the key issues rather than on semantics. For me the election will be decided on two core issues - the economy and the debt. Obama wants to raise taxes on businesses, pick winners and losers and pretends that he can resolve the debt crisis simply by raising taxes on the rich. Romney wants to simplify the tax code (lowering rates but ridding loopholes so as to increase revenue), encourage greater competition and attract greater investment into the US economy. Romney has endorsed the Ryan Plan for debt reduction (in which unlike the President's plan, the sums actually add up).
  In personal terms, Obama will seek to portray Romney as an aloof, uncharismatic rich guy who doesn't care about low-middle income Americans. Conversely, Romney will seek to portray the President as a man who simply doesn't understand basic economics. A President more interested than class warfare than creating jobs. I think that the President is making a terrible mistake by rooting his campaign in the Bain Capital saga. Obama simply doesn't have many options, his record varies from being non-existent to actively negative. I believe that Mitt Romney will be the President on January 20th 2013. 

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