Sunday, May 6, 2012

Republicans and Religious Extremists

This is a really important piece in the WPost. 

Republicans will destroy our moral credibility and our electoral future if we play to hard-line religious extremists. And... if you petition for  homosexuality to be illegal, for pornography to be banned and argue that Muslims don't have a right to worship... I'm afraid that you are an extremist. The ideological roots of the Republican Party are vested in notions of individual freedom, personal responsibility and national unity. Those values require respect for others. Those values make us win elections. If we appeal to fringe voters we will alienate moderate voters and over time, we will destroy the Republican brand.

Everyone in America is entitled to their view (including those on the fringe of rationality). However, those who pursue a fundamentalist political agenda - Guys like Fischer.. are often arrogant authoritarians who are obsessed with the politics of division. These extremists are neither good Christians, nor good Republicans, nor good Americans. 

We shouldn't be afraid to tell them so.

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