Thursday, May 24, 2012

European justice system

While we should always welcome debates surrounding the issue of justice (see video below), I personally do not believe that European justice systems have much to offer the US. Conditions in European jails are often lenient, incarceration overly expensive and the prohibitions to successful prosecution are generally excessive (absence of RICO laws being a good example). However, the most damning element of European justice is in the sentences that are often handed down for terrible crimes. 
The UK, itself the best of Europe, still provides pointed evidence for my argument. Take the cases below - 

Minimum of only 40 years for murdering two ten year old girls.

Reduction of a 50 year sentence to 40 year minimum for murdering an eight year old girl.

34 years for raping and murdering  a young woman. "Three of the stab wounds were so severe that they went through her abdomen and out of her back."

Most if not all of the individuals above showed no remorse and denied their crimes. These sentences, representative of far more, do not represent justice. They represent absurdity.

Conversely - compare with this case from the US.

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