Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump admin. sees positive China pressure on NoKo, Countering Russian threats to Norway with USMC, an NHS scandal, Mexico soccer chants!

With tariffs off to the side, the Trump administration sees realist cooperation with China on North Korea. Administration sources tell me that they think China is playing ball. Countering Russian threats, the U.S. should redouble its Marine deployment to Norway. Russia is threatening Norway over its invitation to the U.S. to increase the size of a Marine training deployment. We should double it again.
From Britain's National Health Service comes a tragedy of callous indifference and nonexistent accountability. A report highlights how public health systems view individuals as statistics rather than patients. Don't sanction Mexico fans over a childish chant. Even if it is slightly offensive, consider the context of FIFA’s choice of host countries for the World Cup: Russia and Qatar.

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