Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kim wins round one, Yemen disaster and Trump, Elton John against free speech, Jordan and the U.S., World Cup predictions

Kim Jong Un won round one. Trump must respond by ensuring immediate inspection of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile facilities.
In Yemen, only Trump can save hundreds of thousands. The civil war threatens to unleash another humanitarian disaster. Fortunately Trump has the power to stop it.
Meet Elton John, the free speech hypocrite: After calling for a ban on religion, the singer is now demanding that social media companies censor homophobic posts. Elton clearly believes his viewpoint is morally superior.

Trump must not forget Jordan. As the country faces economic turmoil, the longtime U.S. ally must receive U.S. support for necessary reforms.
World Cup score predictions, games to watch and kickoff times in U.S. eastern standard! It’s your guide to the greatest tournament of the greatest game.

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