Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Putin threatening U.S. forces in Syria, China risking conflict, UK Parliament on defense spending, Don Willett for SCOTUS, Germany

Why Vladimir Putin is again threatening U.S. forces in Syria. The Russian president is aggravated by Trump's failure to pull out the U.S. military.

China increases the risk of a conflict with America. President Xi used specific and deliberately emotive language to warn the U.S. against challenging his island campaign.

The British parliament just made a major call for increased defense spending. Outlining present U.K. deficiencies, the armed services committee says 3 percent of GDP spending is necessary.

Trump should appoint Judge Don Willett to replace Anthony Kennedy. The Supreme Court needs Willett's judicial intellect, skepticism, humility and civic commitment.

Going out of the World Cup, Germany failed to read the tale of Clever Hans. The German squad was extremely talented but lackadaisical about what really matters!

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