Sunday, July 20, 2014

Domestic Policy!

Just to remind you that I also write extensively on US domestic politics!!! Here are some older links (please see domestic links in bio for more!). Most of my newer writings on domestic politics can be found at Opportunity Lives. Also, please have a look at my TV link page here: we discuss domestic extensively on The McLaughlin Group.
Rubio's Foreign Policy vs. Fiorina's
The American Left's Muslim Hypocrisy
Power of American Patriotism
The Economic and Political Repugnancy of State Controlled Unions
The Economic and Political Repugnancy of State Controlled Industries
Three Lessons of Europe's Immigration Integration Failure
70 Years after WW2: American Exceptionalism Proved
Three Ways to Improve America's Transport Infrastructure
Vietnam and the Beneficence of Capitalism
Three Ways to Reform America's Tax System
Donald Trump's Vulture Policy
Donald Trump in Neverland
Hillary Clinton's Economic Mobility Problem
American Speech Law is Exceptional
Five Concerns that might Sink Hillary Clinton
NOTE: most of my US domestic pieces are at The Telegraph
20 GOP Presidential Hopefuls
Midterms: Race by race predictions
Midterms: Video predictions with visual map
Midterms: My update
National Review Online

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