Saturday, May 2, 2015

Telegraph article collection

Link page for all my Telegraph articles. I thought it might be useful for readers to access from one page. My favorite articles are in bold. Thanks for reading. In reverse chronological order.

New link page HERE

Below links currently not working...

Meet the 20 GOP Presidential candidates for 2016 (Humility)

A suggested ISIL speech for President Obama - Occasionally try my hand at speechwriting!

The need for multilateralist humility - explains my belief in multilateralist absurdities

It's June 2015: ISIS are blowing western airliners out of the sky - apart from Maliki, my pessimism has unfortunately been validated. The ISIS threat is imminent and growing.

D-Day: why America remembers - this piece is personally important to me. Patriotism etc.

High-tax California vs Low-tax Texas - explains why I'm a conservative

A terrorist storm is heading for the west - I was one of first to write on ISIS westwards threat

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