Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iran plotting against US

The news that Iran is increasingly willing to conduct violent action against the United States is nothing new. In recent months, plots by Iran or allies of Iran (Hezbollah) have been uncovered in Thailand, the United States and Germany. In varying forms, Iran has conducted numerous attacks on US interests since the Islamic revolution in 1979. Iranian supported actions have included the following notable attacks-

Marine Barracks Bombing - Beirut, Lebanon
Karbala Council Meeting - Karbala, Iraq (Iran engaged in substantial support for shia insurgent groups during the US period of operations in Iraq post 2003)
Khobar Towers Barracks- Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Because the United States has failed to mount any considerable response to these attacks including the Saudi-Israel Washington DC plot, the Iranian Government believes that it can 'role the dice' when it comes to prospective operations. From an American national security perspective, this dynamic is increasingly precarious; especially in light of increasing tensions vis-a-vis Iran's nuclear program. The Obama Administration should clearly state that any attack on United States interests by Iran or with the support of Iran, will be met with a robust American retaliatory response.

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