Friday, January 13, 2012

Israel Espionage Allegations

If these allegations are true, then the US should have been much more robust in our protests to the Israeli Government. Covertly associating the US with terrorists is intolerable. 

The US relationship with Israel must be based on trust and honesty - arguably the two most important factors for any close friendship. False flag operations without the consent of the 'flag' nation (in this case the US) pose serious moral and political questions. Such actions unjustly associate one party as responsible for the actions of another (thus endangering the first party's interests/citizens) and undercut the notion of an intelligence relationship that is based on mutual respect. Israel acted in a similar (albeit less serious) manner in 2010 vis-a-vis the UK. This suggests a worrying trend.

Faced with a variable array of state/non-state enemies, Israel has the right to pursue independent intelligence operations. However, for the sake of both Israel and her allies, these actions must not come at the expense of long-term friendships.

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