Thursday, January 12, 2012

USMC Afghanistan Allegation

The history and tradition of the US Marines/US Military is built upon core values of honour and integrity. These ideals are inculcated into every new Marine. Any action that departs from these values dishonours the fine service of those others who serve/have served. While the pressures deployed forces often face are extraordinary (and should be taken into account in the application of UCMJ proceedings), we are right to expect the highest standards of conduct from our military personnel.

In contrast to the argument of some that America's reverence for our armed forces is the product of an illogical, amorphous jingoism, in fact, this reverence is built upon the proper belief that our military reflects the best values of our country. Courage, compassion and sense of honour that are bounded to democratic authority. 

Ultimately, for America's military to be successful it must have the moral credibility to win the support of the populations with whom it interacts. At an institutional level, the Taliban are a truly foul organisation dedicated to a totalitarian ideology. The distinction between them and the US Military could not be more profound. In this regard, to protect the integrity of America's current and future military operations and the integrity of the Marine Corps as an institution, this investigation is warranted and appropriate.

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