Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Iraq Collection

Considering the latest violence in Iraq, here are some of my relevant writings + interview. This page is updated as new pieces are published - please ignore date code.
After Maliki (The National Review)
Discussing ISIS ideology (Sun News Network)
America to the rescue, again (The National Review)
Discussing the situation in Iraq (Fox News)
Discussing President Obama's decision to use force in Iraq (CNN)
Discussing Iraq (The McLaughlin Group)
Why Obama ordered military action in Iraq (The Daily Telegraph)
Yezidi and the Islamic State (The National Review)
ISIS latest video: my review (The National Review)
Discussing al-Baghdadi (Global Voice Hall Live)
A study of al-Baghdadi (The National Review)
British Jihadists in Syria/Iraq (Blog)
Obama is right to return to Iraq (The National Review)
June 2015: What will Iraq look like? (The Daily Telegraph)
Iraq discussion (Real Time with Bill Maher)
Differences between MI5 and DHS (The National Review)
Iraq is disappearing (The Daily Telegraph) 
ISIS: A terrorist storm heads west (The Daily Telegraph)
The Marines in Anbar (Washington Free Beacon)
Voters vs. Bombers (The National Review)

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