Thursday, March 13, 2014

Obama threatens Putin...

President Obama has just warned of a ''cost'' if Russia doesn't back down on Ukraine. 


Not many people are listening. Here's why.

What we're seeing in Ukraine and around the world is a testament to international relations - that power must be practiced in order to be real. Instead, the President's foreign policy is rapidly descending into an absolute shambles. Devoid of perceivable strength and absent any notion of consistent grand strategy, the White House is spinning in the wind. It's a tragedy.

And a celebration for our adversaries.

Let's be clear. America would have been far better off with Mitt Romney as Commander in Chief. On that note... I'm sick of hearing the President's defenders crow about Neptune Spear. As if that one incident (achieved by CIA*/JSOC) somehow defines this White House as an institution of national security omnipotence. The ultimate reality is that Obama took months to authorize the Bin Laden raid - waiting and waiting. The President thinks he can make the tough calls, but it's increasingly obvious that he can't.

* - An organization that Democrats now seem happy to throw down the river (please see my latest @NRO).

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