Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Speech Obama Should Give

I'm a conservative who believes that ObamaCare is both a functional and fiscal disaster (albeit one motivated by positive intentions). My previous writings on health care can be found here.

Nevertheless, if I were President Obama (and held his views), this is the Oval Office speech I would give...

Good evening. I appreciate your time.

Tonight, I want to briefly speak to you about Health Care. Specifically, to provide an update on the actions that my Administration is taking in order to address the problematic rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

First, let me re-emphasize my profound regret over what’s been happening. Implementing health care reform was always going to be complex. Yet complexity is no excuse for incompetence. The simple fact is that our failings have been inexcusable. 

Your government has let you down and for that, I'm deeply sorry.

Still, I recognize that sorrow can’t address these problems. Be under no illusion, we’re fixing this mess.
To be clear; aside from the national defense, getting the Affordable Care Act to work properly is my number one priority.

Correspondingly, hundreds of dedicated professionals are working to ensure that the Exchange website - Healthcare.gov - is accessible, user friendly and reliable. Slowly but surely, we’re moving in the right direction. Tens of thousands of Americans have already used the Exchanges to successfully acquire health care plans. That number is growing quickly.

Of course, I’m aware that the successful health care reform will take more than a website that works. It also necessitates the empowerment of individual choices.

As such, alongside our repair efforts, my Administration is working with Congress to make sure that all Americans will be able to find plans that suit their individual needs. That includes those who are struggling with long term illnesses and those who are healthy. At the same time, my Administration will listen to suggestions from Democrats and Republicans about how we can make this law work better.

Again, I want you to know that I embrace my personal responsibility here.

Since its inception, many have come to know this law as ‘ObamaCare’. I accept that term. I accept it, because in the end, this is my law and my obligation. More importantly, I accept it because I care. I ran for President because I wanted to do good for everyone in our country. It pains me that that my health care reforms - designed to serve the common interest - are instead fostering emotional harm; that Americans are worrying they’ll lose health care plans they like and be left with ones they don’t. But it also pains me to know that at every hour and in every state, far too many Americans are forced to make terrible choices for the sake of their health and in some cases, their lives. 

This is the 21st century, this is America. This is a place where no parent should be forced to choose between sending their child to college and getting better. This is a place where government incompetence is unforgivable and freedom from pain should never be a privilege.

I know there are no excuses for what's occurred. I know your patience is fracturing into understandable anger. I know that re-earning your trust will take time and the better measure of your future scrutiny. Nonetheless, with every ounce of my being, I also believe that when the kinks are finally straightened out, the Affordable Care Act will win your firm support.

With humility and renewed spirit, you have my personal and Presidential commitment; I’ll fix this law and make it worthy of your support.

Thank you for your time.


  1. I wasn't consulted in your drafting for this speech, Mr Rogan :P