Monday, November 11, 2013

British Jihadists in Syria

In the video below- some exceptional journalism from Vice

Although only five minutes in total, the interviews elucidate the ideology and sense of purpose that underpins Salafi jihadist movements. Theirs is an almost 'absolute war' mindset that contrasts with the more politically calibrated approach of groups like the Lebanese Hizballah. The video also emphasizes how Salafi jihadists embrace a gleeful and unrestrained sectarianism - in short, they hate everyone who isn't them. Finally, the interviewees frequent references to Jerusalem, Iran (Shia adversary), Britain and the United States etc. illustrate an often neglected point - they see themselves as soldiers in a global struggle. 

Anyway, as in Somalia, this regional conflict is drawing recruits from the West. If they survive, these individuals will return to their home countries with significant operational skills.

On this topic of ideology/purpose-jihadism, here are three of my most relevant pieces...

The Evil of Global Jihad (National Review)

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