Friday, March 29, 2013

North Korea threats..

Apologies for the recent absence of posts, I've been very busy this week. However, I did want to do a quick piece on North Korea. Re- North Korea's continuing threats, it's my opinion that the Obama Administration has intelligence that the North Koreans may be planning a military skirmish - something like this

Why do I hold this opinion? Because over the past couple of weeks, President Obama has ordered B-52 and B-2 'show of force' flights over South Korea. That measure of forcefulness is unusual from this President. It's more reminiscent of President Bush's style. From my perspective, the most likely explanation is that Obama genuinely believes the North Koreans are serious about causing new problems. As a corollary, the President also probably feels that he has little choice but to take aggressive deterrent measures in response. I'd also imagine that there's a lot of behind the scenes work going on at the US Embassy in Beijing.  

Anyway, the US show of force is necessary. North Korea must know America's resolve.

Here's my North Korea piece for The Week from a couple of weeks back. 
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