Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vive la France?

France has some major problems.

1) Crime
Violent crime in France is increasing in both frequency and ferocity. As the new years eve Apple store robbery illustrates, the French Government is seemingly incapable of restraining armed gangs from terrorizing businesses across the country. This problem is multiplied by the incapacity of the French Police. An incapacity that is partly because of corruption, but primarily because of absent capability. The French Government urgently needs to establish dedicated counter-robbery units in the form of the UK's Metropolitan Police SCD-7 and the FBI's Americas Criminal Enterprise Section (ACES). The current police effort is obviously woefully insufficient. French Special Forces - RAID, GIGN, GIPN are excellent, but they're not investigative units.
2) Economy
The French President has a problem. His 75% tax plan is in trouble in the courts and in practice. In the 21st century, human capital is movable - and if people can avoid paying exorbitant taxes then they tend to do so. Further, although it suffers from many ailments, the main problem with the French economy is found in the restrictions which suck the life out of its labor market. Employers need to be freed to hire and fire and employees need to work longer.

3) Freedom
France is now pressuring Twitter to ban free speech. This isn't just a French problem, as I have recently argued, it's also a UK problem and to a lesser degree a US problem. This area is one in which US conservatives have a real opportunity to stand up in support for freedom. The excessive restriction of speech is an enemy to free ideas, an ally to extremists and a cancer on society. Anyway, Twitter's response to the French Government should be to say this.


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